Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraqi Elections

The Iraq election is an important historical moment in time for many reasons but one of the most incredible things about it in my opinion is that there are so many people here in the USA and around the world for that matter, that are against it and actually hoping to see it fail.

The Ted Kennedy’s and John Kerry’s in the Senate along with others like Barbara Boxer seem to be pulling for the terrorists to win in this encounter with the anti-democracy rhetoric they spout each and every day. They seem to have an attitude that we should not be there at all and a withdrawal of U.S. troops should begin immediately. Many of them think that Iraq would be better off if we had not intervened to remove Saddam Hussein.

Think about it, they are inadvertently aligning themselves with the terrorists who are trying to stop the elections and the democratization of Iraq!

If I remember correctly when Saddam took power he had all the people in the government that might have been a threat to him assassinated and from that point on he ruled that country with an iron hand. Here is a great article that covers Saddam's rise to power. This thug murdered and tortured anyone who spoke out against him. He then proceeded to amass a fortune in wealth, building gold inlaid palaces worth hundreds of millions of dollars around his homeland while allowing regular Iraqis to starve. Meanwhile his two sons went on a spree of murder, rape and pillaging anywhere they pleased.

How many people died under the Saddam Hussein rule as a direct action of of the government?

Perhaps millions!

Let us not forget that Saddam was a tyrannical dictator who murdered indiscriminately and without impunity by his own hand. Yet some Americans believe Iraq, a country that has been liberated and is about to hold free democratic elections would be better off if this lunatic and his murderous regime were still in power!

For those who truly think this way I wish they would read what Ken Joseph Jr. has to say about it. He was in Iraq under Saddam and has family there. He knows what it was like. If you want another perspective from an Iraqi who is currently living there try this one out. Healing Iraq.

Now back to my tirade.

During Saddam’s rule many terrorists were welcome in his country. He had dealings with many of them and even had training camps set up for them in parts of Iraq where they could learn to hijack planes. He paid out large sums of money to families of those who conducted homicide bombing missions against the Jews in Israel.

Would you like some specifics? If so go here and check out the details.

Now we have Iraq’s fighting and killing terrorists in their own country with help from the USA and the coalition. They want the freedom to elect their own leaders and they are fighting and dying for it just as we did in the revolutionary war. We had help from the French back then, where are they now?

Seems that many around the world, mostly from Europe, do not want Iraq to be free either. I suppose their back room deals with Saddam and the millions of dollars they made from his oil for food scam were more important to them than the freedom of a nation and the possibility of spreading democracy in an area of the world that has been a breeding ground for terrorists for the past 50 years and longer.


Perhaps they want America to fail in it’s endeavor to spread it’s idea of democracy and capitalism. They know how successful we have been and are tired of playing second fiddle to the USA. Maybe there are some in the world who are so jealous of America they are willing to ignore the fact that in a historical context we have actually saved they lives of many generations of future (free) Iraq’s and we have set them on the path to freedom and prosperity.

Perhaps the fact that we are spreading the seeds of freedom in that region will hurt some of the deals that are being made by many on the world who had hoped to continue to see terror grow and anti-Americanism spread instead. They know that we are wiping out thousands of terrorists a month in Iraq, many who are streaming across the borders from other extremists regimes in Syria and Iran in order to stop the spread of freedom.
The fact that we are killing terrorists by the thousands is a good thing from my perspective and the fact that we are stealing the hope of future terrorists is even better.

I wonder where Ted Kennedy would be right now if his name were Saeed and he lived in Iraq during the rule of Saddam Hussein? If he spoke out against his President when he invaded Kuwait? Do you think he would be riding in a limo, eating himself silly and having martini’s in Chappaquiddick?

By the way, Ted Kennedy voted for the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 under President Clinton in which it called for a regime change in Iraq and for Saddam to be imprisoned, tried and punished for crimes against humanity.

Hmmm, guess he forgot about that one. Maybe due to a large hangover.

Later folks, I'm leaving for vacation in a few hours. Thanks for stopping by today!

God bless you all, even if you disagree with my right wing, conservative view on life.

PS ~ God bless our troops and the Iraqis who are fighting, dying and voting for freedom!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Agenda

I like this title. Sounds like a movie, a book or a TV show. "The Agenda" Hmmm, maybe even a short story, I'll have to ponder this and let it stew for a while, perhaps an idea will form and I can put it down to add to my collection.

OK, on to the point of the title. The Agenda I am speaking of is only theoretical at this point but it is of course what I think is what motivates the people on the left side of the political fence. What is their agenda you may wonder?

Good question.

What motivated me to write this piece is a little blurb I read this morning on the Neal Boortz web page. He wrote about an interview on the street with some ladies concerning Social Security. (Heretofore referred to in this blog as SS) He asked how they felt about President George W. Bush (heretofore referred to in this blog as W) and his plan to privatize a portion of SS benefits.

The answer he got from one of the ladies was the following quote:

"She wasn't in favor of privatization because she didn't want to have to go to the trouble of making decisions on how her retirement money should be invested. She would just rather have the government do it for her."

At first I thought I had read that wrong, then I read it again and was almost shocked until I started thinking about it, really thinking about it. It is easy to dismiss this attitude as lazy or even dumb but when you go a few layers deeper than just what was said, you might want to think about what kind of education this person must have had that would lead her to make such an asinine statement.

I automatically started to equate this with an education in the public school system here in the USA. I too am a product of that system so I know something about what I am saying. For the last 40 years in America the public school system has been declining in it's ability to properly educate the children it is charged with educating. Although there are some exceptions, it is my and many other much more intelligent and educated persons here in the USA that the system I speak of is broken and in need of a complete overhaul or replacement. There seems to be no accountability any longer in these government schools. The discipline problems along with curriculums that are laughable, poorly trained teachers, out of control schools boards, overcrowded class rooms, alarming drop out rates and a host of other problems are leading to a very poorly educated populace these days in America.

For those lucky students that do make it out of high school with the basics and wind up in college they are bombarded with leftist ideology from professors and councilors that are also products of the same system in many cases (with few exceptions) who spew their socialist rhetoric from the moment these kids walk in the class room until the day they leave.

Many people who think like I do politically beleive a voucher system would help solve this problem. Since private schools out perform public schools by far in most studies many right thinking Americans would like to see this take root throughout the country. Yet the democrats have such a lock on the teachers union it is nearly immpossible to get the votes to push it through. The dumbing down of the public schools is a big part of "The Agenda" to keep the regular folks in this country from a good education.

It is obvious that in most cases a well educated person with the tools to create wealth and be self reliant here in the USA is a liberal's worst nightmare. Many if not most people who go out and work hard to get a good education and then earn a good living find out that the less dependant you are on government the better off you are. Yet the public schools system continues to be a breeding ground for uneducated kids who find themselves stuck in the lower classes of income earners because they are not given the tools they need to succede by the very people who are charged as their caretakers from 8:00 till 3:00 each day. Of course this is part of a vicious cycle that leads to no one taking responsibility including parents, teachers and lawmakers.

The truth is self evident. We all know what the problem is and the republicans have a solution to the problem yet the democrats are fighting us tooth and nail since they know that a well educated America will put them further behind the eight ball. They are losing power now thanks to W and they will continue to sink as he pushes through his current agenda . As he continues to solve these problems they will find themselves further and further from power. They will fight the SS fix as well as vouchers . They will also fight the overhauling of the income tax and W's plan to spread freedom around the globe.

Now here's the kicker. The dems will be so desperate to stop W and the republicans that they will try and impeach him. Yes that's right. We did it to their golden boy and they will have no other choice but to try and impeach W in order to tie him up with scandal so that he cannot push through his plans to fix SS and the rest of his agenda. They will be forced to do this or see their party destroyed by a politician who has outsmarted them at every turn. Iraq will be the cornerstone of their case and they will be lead by Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi among others. I hope I am wrong here but I must say it seems like their only option to me.

Have a blessed day!


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mind disease strikes Washington!

Here it is the day many on the right have been longing for just as many on the left are painfully struggling with the idea of George W. Bush being sworn in as President of the United States for four more years. I must say I am very happy with the outcome of the election but it is obvious that many on the left are extremely upset about it.

There are all kinds of protests being planned and many who will turn their backs on the President but all the same he is and will be our leader so we must all deal with it. It is obvious to me that something sinister is at work here and I think it could be a dangerous brain debilitating bacteria. Here's why.

President Bush and the Congress have some hard work ahead of them this year with the Social Security problem to tackle. Many of our lawmakers on the left are now saying the Soc. Security is not a problem. No crisis here, they say. We do not need to fix it, it is just fine. Yet only a few short years ago their own President, Bill Clinton was saying the same thing George Bush is saying now and can you believe it, they seem to have forgotten!

Perhaps the Soc. Security fairy came along and fixed the problem while we were not looking? I don't think so. You see this is where my theory comes into play.

Think about it.

When Bill Clinton claimed the Saddam Hussein was the most dangerous threat to the United States and the he knew for sure that Saddam had WMD all over the place the left stood up, saluted their chief and pontificated to the point of near exhaustion that he was right on the money and Saddam had to go! One by one they marched to the podium claiming that Saddam was a madman and he was soooo dangerous.

That's right and it is all on tape!

Then suddenly after George W. Bush was elected in 2000 and he began the same mantra the left were stricken with a mind numbing disease. They could not remember saying these things, in fact they took the exact opposite position when Mr. Bush began beating the drums of war.

What could it be? Perhaps they all ate from the same buffet at a Chinese restaurant in Washington and had contracted a debilitating brain eating organism that destroyed their memories.

Yeah, that's it!

Now when Social Security is on the chopping block to be repaired and revamped for the 21st century and beyond they all seem to have forgotten that it was in trouble. Sure they are all on record bloviating about it on the Senate and House floor. Yet it doesn't seem to matter to them now. I suppose that Egg Drop Soup was tainted with that same bacteria as before, or maybe it was the Lo mien. In fact this could be a plot by the Red Chinese who are working in secret with the UN, Iran, Syria, Fidel Castro and Ted kennedy to undermine the security of this country.

Yes it is all coming together for me now. All these lefty's here in the U.S. are being fed these noodles and soup at the local Chinese place and of course this is a disease bred in a laboratory that only affects the minds of democrats and republicans who think like democrats.

This latest report of four Chinese being snuck across the border is probably just them bringing in more tainted noodles from the home country. They are reportedly in Boston so I suppose they are working in secret with Senator Kennedy and former Kerry campaign staffers in an attempt to introduce their latest batch into the restraunts in that area.

Hmmmm. I better keep an eye on this one. I'll keep you updated!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Turning Right!

Good Afternoon

It is Sunday, Philadelphia is beating Minnesota pretty good as I type in one of two NFL playoff games today. Although Minnesota is not out of it yet and they do have the tools to make a come back. The winner of this one meets the Falcons next weekend. Later today the Colts will be taking on the Pats. That should be a high scoring game!

Church was good this morning and I really enjoy going these days. Our new Pastor Mack Sigmon, is a great talker and a very engaging guy. He really makes it even more compelling to go each Sunday. He is also teaching a bible study class that we have been going to on Monday night and we are really enjoying that as well. I love learning and this is a good opportunity to learn more about the bible and our history as Christians by a guy who really knows the word.

I read a heck of a good article this morning about how the hold that liberal educators have had over academia in many if not most of the higher learning institutions in the USA, is slipping. It seems that many more students are now identifying themselves as republicans and conservatives. This article found @ entitled "Right on Campus" by Brian C. Anderson, is very lengthy but well worth the time if you choose to read it. It is refreshing to find out that we are making strides in changing the liberal mind set so many students have been coming out of college with for the past 40 years.

In other good news the budget deficit is shrinking and the economy is roaring again. Although you would not know it by listening to the old media and many of the establishment democrats. Larry Kudlow has a great article explaining this @ Check it out!

I finally have started watching the show on FOX called 24. It is a great show! Well worth it if you like high energy drama on TV. It is on Monday nights so take a look if you can. Keifer Sutherland plays the lead role as (Jack Bauer) a government agent fighting terrorism here in the homeland. The website is pretty cool too!

Well as I titled this post it is good to see that many aspects of America are "Turning Right". With the rights new grip on the media, pushing the old lefty's to the side and the new found majority we have in congress and the White House, academia is the last bastion for the liberal left and it seems we are making good progress there too.

I can't help but feel that God has gotten sick and tired of being ignored and pushed out of American society and he is making a comeback here in the good old USA. Christians have rights too and we are tired of being ignored while we stand as one of the largest majorities in the country.

I invite my friends who are not true believers to be open minded and to work with those of us who are. We want the best for our brothers and sisters and most of all we want the USA to be safe and prosperous while we worship GOD in our peaceful, charitable way.

The right and the left can work together if we try. Let's use common sense and common ground to do what is Right for America before we get Left behind.

Have a fabulous week!


Saturday, January 15, 2005


Welcome to:

The Write Blog!

I am jazzed this morning for some odd reason after having a losing run at the poker table last night. It was a low key game among friends, something we try and do once a month or so. Had fun anyway but it is much MORE fun when you win! I have been reading some other blogs this morning and my main blog at Liverjournal is down so I created this one. I think I like this format better anyway.

Michell Malkin has a very interesting story on her blog this morning concerning a possible terrorist threat that was averted on an airliner. This may or may not be a true story but it is eye opening no less. It illustrates that bureaucrats have no business running the security at this airport or the country for that matter. By the way Michell has a top notch blog, if you have not visited her page please do so and save it in your favorites.

Case in point is the latest story concerning the FBI and the ill fated computer system. Now I just noticed that this story was submitted by a CBS news reporter so you may have to think twice before believing it yet here it is anyway. If this is true it illustrates that many of these people running what is supposed to be some of the most important departments of OUR government, critical in protecting the American people, are wasting valuable time and resources that we need to fight and win this war against terrorism!

I am so sick of finding out that this kind of complete and utter incompetence is happening right here in America while our men and women are fighting and dying in Iraq and elsewhere to protect us from these fascist, muslim, homicidal, maniacs. It truly makes my blood boil!

OK, I will end my tirade this morning on this note. Have you ever seen a child throw a caniption or a hissy fit? Perhaps this is southern slang but just picture a child asking for a toy or whatever and being told no, then the child holds his breath, jumps up and down, cries, screams and goes nuts! That my friends is exactly how I envision the democrats that are so upset about the Bush Inauguration. It is hilarious to see these sore losers at work!

For more on that check out Neal Boortz he has one of the finest blogs I have read and leads off today with a little bit about this subject.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my first blog here at The Write Blog!

Ya'll come back now, ya here...