Saturday, January 15, 2005


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I am jazzed this morning for some odd reason after having a losing run at the poker table last night. It was a low key game among friends, something we try and do once a month or so. Had fun anyway but it is much MORE fun when you win! I have been reading some other blogs this morning and my main blog at Liverjournal is down so I created this one. I think I like this format better anyway.

Michell Malkin has a very interesting story on her blog this morning concerning a possible terrorist threat that was averted on an airliner. This may or may not be a true story but it is eye opening no less. It illustrates that bureaucrats have no business running the security at this airport or the country for that matter. By the way Michell has a top notch blog, if you have not visited her page please do so and save it in your favorites.

Case in point is the latest story concerning the FBI and the ill fated computer system. Now I just noticed that this story was submitted by a CBS news reporter so you may have to think twice before believing it yet here it is anyway. If this is true it illustrates that many of these people running what is supposed to be some of the most important departments of OUR government, critical in protecting the American people, are wasting valuable time and resources that we need to fight and win this war against terrorism!

I am so sick of finding out that this kind of complete and utter incompetence is happening right here in America while our men and women are fighting and dying in Iraq and elsewhere to protect us from these fascist, muslim, homicidal, maniacs. It truly makes my blood boil!

OK, I will end my tirade this morning on this note. Have you ever seen a child throw a caniption or a hissy fit? Perhaps this is southern slang but just picture a child asking for a toy or whatever and being told no, then the child holds his breath, jumps up and down, cries, screams and goes nuts! That my friends is exactly how I envision the democrats that are so upset about the Bush Inauguration. It is hilarious to see these sore losers at work!

For more on that check out Neal Boortz he has one of the finest blogs I have read and leads off today with a little bit about this subject.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my first blog here at The Write Blog!

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