Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aikido Update!


Just dropped in to update on my progress in the dojo.

I am very pleased to say I am still hanging in there and very eager to go each week to learn more and work towards my next test. I am studying the 15 basics in the dojo and enjoying the company of many other students at all different levels of the art. Sensei Tony is a super guy and his wife Maryann is also very nice and personable. It is a great pleasure to work out with this bunch and I am progressing well with no major injuries so far (knock on wood) to prevent me from continuing. I have learned about 6 of the first 15 so I hope to be ready to test in about a month. My birthday is in 5 weeks so perhaps it will be a nice birthday surprise to be able to test for my next stripe.

I also am working out again with my friend Jeff who is a 4th degree Shodan in Tomiki Aikido, one hour every two weeks. He is teaching me some more advanced techniques I will encounter later on to give me a head start on my testing at the dojo and some good street self defense.

Peace and Prosperity!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Aikido is like Marriage


It is Saturday and the weekend brings time to do some work around the house and reflect on the week past. It was a slow work week for me which is good and bad. Joe, my main IC, was out all week due to his wife being hospitalized, we certainly wish her a speedy recovery and pray for God's healing. Since Joe was out it seems that it was a good time for business to slow down. I hope it is not a trend however since the bills must be paid and therefore business must pick up to get it all done. Let's hope that May will see a nice pick up and we can all get back on track in this withering economy.

Business and life are challenging at times and we have to learn from the good and bad experiences, very much like a marriage. Marriage is not always good, so to make it work a man and woman have to learn to blend with his/her spouse. This is the essence of Aikido, blending with Uke or your partner.

For those who are not familiar with Aikido it is a martial art that teaches us to blend with our attacker and use their energy and momentum to our advantage. We do not confront power head on and collide but circumvent and blend using our opponents energy to our own advantage or to diffuse the attack. Like in marriage when confronted with a problem you do not crash into your spouse you find a way to avoid the pain of a collision by blending and diffusing. It is simple and effective.

I have recently passed my first test that takes my rank up a notch to 5th Kyu. I am now learning the first set of techniques that I will test on for the next stage of the Kyu system. I have been working on the first 15 techniques for one week now and have learned the first eight of the 15. Hopefully I can learn the rest in the next two to three weeks, take another week or two to polish them and then test by the end of May or early June for my 4th Kyu. I am very excited (and sore) form all the workouts and back falls. (smile) It is challenging for me but I am very eager for each class and really hope to continue this for a lifetime. I think Aikido will be the key to keeping me focused on my health and living a better life into my 50's and beyond. I have lost about 15 pounds and am feeling pretty good. I still have some issues I am working through, neck and shoulder, hip and lower abdominal but I will continue to fight through the pain and make it work, no excuses.

I want to thank all my new friends at Carolina Martial Arts for being so supportive and teaching me each week as we all prepare to advance to our next levels. I also want to thank Mr. Handy for working with me and giving me a head start. I hope that he and I will be able to continue our advanced Aikido workouts beginning sometime this month.

By the way ~ I have a family reunion coming up May 23rd. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. I am bringing my guitar and have learned a bunch of songs for the event. I hope to get a sing-along going and some of the other folks will also have their guitars. Should be lots of fun!

The very next week I will be going to Jacksonville Florida for my Son's graduation from Navy Air School. I am also looking forward to that. In other news I have a colonoscopy scheduled next week, not so much looking forward to that. Getting old is fun! (grin)

Peace and Grace