Monday, April 28, 2014

New Solar Technology

I've been excited about a new technology that I have been following for a couple of years.  It's called Solar Roadways.

The idea is to replace our current highway system and other roads, parking lots and sidewalks with a textured glass covered solar panel.  They are said to be strong enough to handle the rigors of large tucks and everyday traffic, will have circuit boards with LED lights to illuminate lines and information for night drivers. Heating elements to melt snow and ice and are skid resistant.  They also will have side compartments under ground for cables and wiring as well as a storm water compartment. The BIG thing is it will generate power and replace our aging and dysfunctional power grid!

They have recently just built their first functional small scale parking lot but are trying to acquire funding to build the first manufacturing facility in Idaho so they can start taking and fulfilling orders to design, sell and build parking lots and roads all over America!

I'd like to see this take off so check it out and get involved!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cliven Bundy VS the BLM

First, an update on NOAH, the movie...

After doing more reading about the movie and it's atheist director and and reading a few reviews of NOAH, I made the decision not to go see it.  It turns out this movie is a fantasy story more along the lines of Lord of the Rings than the real story of NOAH.  I decided to go see Captain America instead.  You can look at the Box Office numbers on these two movies to see which one the public has chosen as the best movie to go see...

Now on to Cliven Bundy and the showdown in Nevada.

I have been following this story for a week or so and it looked as if the FEDS were going to kill that rancher and his family.  They had him surrounded with two hundred agents or more, including snipers but then the MILITIA showed up and the FEDS decided to back off.  This was very curious to me as I was waiting to see an ending like Waco Texas or Ruby Ridge, Idaho incidents of years past.  I then read that Harry Reid, senator from Nevada and senate majority leader, had been linked to this story by a shady deal to acquire that land for a solar company his son was connected to.  The very next day the feds backed off.

Here's a link to that story.      Harry Reid's connection!

Honestly, I still don't understand this story completely.  I think I may have the gist of it though and if what I think is correct this is a VERY IMPORTANT story that we all as Americans need to pay attention to!

 First of all the BLM - Bureau of Land Management, a dept. of the Federal Government, was or is still trying to take this land from a rancher, Cliven Bundy, who free grazes his cattle there.  His family has been doing this for generations but he DOES NOT own the land.  From what I understand it belongs to the State of Nevada, NOT the Federal Government or Cliven Bundy.  Mr. Bundy takes the stance that since it is state owned land, the FEDS have no rights or jurisdiction to be on the land or to be trying to drive his cattle off the land.

I'm not sure where all the militia who showed up to support him were from but I am glad they did show up and I am also glad it ended peacefully.  Now the question is WHY did the FEDS back down?

 I think the answer is simple.  It is an election year, Harry Reid wants to be re-elected along with many other democrats and they are already looking at a potential landslide by the republicans.  If the FEDS would have went in and killed this rancher and his sons for not complying with their terms, the backlash would have been on Obama, Holder, Reid and the democrat party.  It seems they have enough scandals on their plates already and this one might be one too many!  This was nothing more than a political decision to try and save their butts in the upcoming election.  Had this not been an election year I think it would have escalated until someone was dead!

Here's a link to a video that will tell you more..

We need to keep and eye on this. Like I said before, it is a Very Important story.  We the People are sick and tired of the government trampling on our rights and this was a small test of the resistance.  We won this battle but the war is not over.  In fact, it has only just begun.  Let's try to peacefully make it through the coming elections and then see where we stand....

 America needs Hero's, I found one this past weekend.