Tuesday, February 24, 2009

By the way it snowed here a couple of weeks ago. Got some good pics! Wanted to share.

It is nearly March and I have not blogged since Thanksgiving! What's up with that? Guess I have been too busy playing WOW! As always I have just about gotten my fill of that and have begun to read more news and do more emailing. I signed up for Twitter and have been playing around with that.

So, on to the news of the day! (uuugh)

It seems we are living in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone! I half way keep expecting Rod Serling to show up any minute now and tell me what's going to happen next. I guess Obama is Seriling in this new 2009 version of that show.

I sent this email out to some friends the other day and wanted to post it here.


Do you see the fruition of a pattern of behavior here? Looks like their diabolical plan has finally worked!


It starts when they are born. First they pay young mothers to have more babies, and incentive to get pregnant and stay single by offering more money for each dependent child. Then as they begin school they (the government) say, we can't let our people go without a hot meal each day so we will give all those who can't afford it a free lunch, soon they added breakfast. Then it was, we can't hurt their self esteem so no more F's on the graded papers or report cards. Soon they even changed ink color because RED was just too confrontational. After that they stopped playing games that had winners and losers because it just wasn't right for some kids to be better than others at a sport. Then after they were out of K-12 school and on to college they said we have to make sure they get a fair shake in college so we will pass laws forcing Universities allow for a certain amount of minorities so it will be fair. Then in the job market they said we can't let out people go out and not be able to get a job so we will make it easier by instituting quotas, mandating that companies hire so many of this color and that color. We do not care about the content of their character or the quality of their work, just give them a job. Then they said we can't allow these folks to live on the street or walk to work so we will subsidize their housing and transportation. After that they said it is not fair that some folks own homes and others have to rent so we will force banks to give them loans even if they don't qualify. Now they say it is not fair that some folks can't pay for their house and others can, so we will force the banks to let them stay in the houses that they can't afford by giving them billions of dollars and then we will act shocked when the money disappears and the banks say well, you really didn't tell us how we had to spend that money you only suggested that we lend it to folks.

Does that just about sum it up? Some use the term from the "cradle to the grave". I'd say it fits quite well.

What ever happened to life being a struggle? That's what builds character in people when they have to overcome obstacles and learn from the hardships. In the Democrats efforts to create some kind of a weird utopia where everyone is the same and government makes sure no one struggles for anything, they are destroying the Great America we have all loved so dearly. What a shame. They have created a bunch of dependent zombies who cannot take care of themselves and each time they get in trouble will reach out to government to solve it for them. What does this do for the Democrats and Republicans in charge of this mess? It keeps them in power for life, which is obviously their goal. They are the elite class in Washington who never have to struggle since they have a Senate or House seat that will be a 30 year career for most. They have a separate pension plan, unlike yours and mine. They have insurance for life and many have a limo to take them back and forth to work. No buses for them. They also have lobbyist who wine and dine them providing luxuries that none of us can have unless we work hard and become wealthy, something they frown on in Washington these days. They now want to pass laws saying you can't make more than X amount of money if you are a CEO because it just isn't fair. Yet they will be pushing through another pay raise for themselves before you know it!

Give me a break! It is time for change people, real change......


OK, I was on somewhat of a roll there and I wanted to share it with more folks. It is time for this madness to stop! We can't allow this government to continue to enslave people to a life of dependency. We have to stand up and fight! We must take this power away from the Democrats and elect some Republicans or other folks with the right conservative principals to take this country in a positive direction. We can't make the entire country a welfare country. This MUST STOP!!!!

We have to pray people and work hard to change this country. I feel confident that in 2010 we will have a great opportunity to take the House back. Perhaps by 2012 we can take back the Senate and the White House. This time we have to elect a President that will not spend us into Oblivion!

God Bless George Bush but he made some grave errors when it comes to the future of this country and our financial state of affairs. The TARP legislation was a terrible mistake on his part and now Obama has run with this idea and is spending 2 Trillion dollars! That's TRILLION!!!!!!