Tuesday, April 26, 2005

State of Fear


Recently in Florida there have been two high profile cases of horrifying child abduction, molestation and murder. These of course are just the two most recent of the endless cases of these types of crimes. They happen again and again in this country and for some unholy reason child molesters are continually paroled where in many if not most of these cases the offenders are found to be ex cons who are sexual predators.

So tell me something. What is wrong with a judicial system where a woman (Martha Stewart) who is a millionaire, creating thousands of jobs and paying tons of tax dollars into the system is arrested and then paroled with a tracking device on her ankle for a white collar crime yet these scum of the earth child molesters are turned loose into society and hardly even kept track of. Many never heard of again until they murder or molest another innocent victim? What kind of screwed up, upside down, parallel universe are we living in?

I don't know the answer to this question but I wish someone would tell me what in the hell is going on here! I think it is time we all started calling, emailing, marching or whatever it takes to get the court system to wake up in this country and use some common sense when it comes to this kind of perverted crime. These are the worst kind of people and the closest things we have to demons that walk, talk and breath here on God's green earth. We need to eradicate them from the planet and if we can't do that then at least keep them in jail forever or force them to wear collars, bracelets, or embedded tracking devices.

Tell the ACLU to get over it and let's just do it!

What do you think???

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What's new?

All the news that is news, good, bad and ugly. You can add funny in there too I suppose!

First off I'd like to point out that Puff Daddy and his Rock the Vote crew are at it again. They had so much success at registering young democrats to defeat W (Yeah Right) that they now are taking W on again with the Social Security issue. Their official stance is to say no to private accounts and get this, here's a quote from one of their spokespeople:

"To us, it's totally black and white. This is the first generation ever that would be asked to pay for their own retirement and Social Security at the same time. This is what private accounts do. They saddle young people with an unfair burden."

Huh? Did I miss something here? OK, I know most of these kids go to government schools so I have to give then some slack for that yet whoever this spokesperson is that is speaking on behalf of Rock the Vote must be and uninformed idiot! Who the heck does he think has been paying for Social Security, Santa Claus? Privat accounts causing an unfair burden? What???? I guess having more money to spend when you retire could be a burden to some but I will gladly take that burden when I hit 65. Go ahead, double my money you rat B@st&rds!

Here's another catch phrase they are using. "All the cool kids oppose privatization." As Micheal Jackson would say, He, he - Hmmm, replace cool with dumb and you might be more factually accurate. Wonder how much money the DNC is paying MTV for this official stance on SS?

It's so funny it is sad to think this is the best of the MTV generation flexing their political muscles here. Even funnier is tha fact that if you go to their blog more of the kids who are posting are for privatization or for eliminating social security all together than not. Maybe they are not so dumb after all.

OK on to more important news: The Minute Men are helping secure our borders. Down in Arizona a group of nearly 1000 people are assisting the border patrol in spotting illegals crossing into our country. As you know our borders are being skewered by these illegals each and every day and it is very possible that terrorsits are among them. Since W and his cabinet will not do anything about it the Minute Men have taken action! The sad thing about it is all the negative coverage the Old media is giving these patriots. They are helping with homeland security just as the President asked us all to after 911 and they are being demonized for it. Go figure.

I'd like to take my last moments today to say farewell to the Pope. He was a fine man and I hope he will say hello to Jesus for me when he arrives in heaven.

Gotta run.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sin City - Review

Whoa! This movie is violent! Do not take the kids to this one my friends. Some nudity as well. Shall we say profanity too!

Sin City a comic book (Graphic Novel) brought to the big screen. I have never seen the books but the previews looked interesting. Being a huge fan of fiction novels, comics and graphic novels when I was younger this peaked my interest. The cast looked really good and the black and white with some splashes of color seemed to add a noir twist that also caught my eye.

I was not disappointed. This was a good movie. Mickey Rourke stole the show with his character Marv who goes on a rampage after having spent one night with a beautiful hooker called Goldie. The carnage left in his wake is truly sickening but you seem to believe that all those who he deals death to really deserve it.

Bruce Willis also plays a good role here as a detective (Hartigan) with a bad ticker. He puts his life on the line saving a girl and fighting a corrupt system ran by an evil senator played by Powers Boothe. There are many other well known actors in this film that you will recognize and one was Elijah Wood from Lord of the Rings. He plays a nasty little villian that will surprise you. The women in this film are sexy and gorgeous not to mention dangerous. The one that really stands out is Jessica Alba (Nancy) the girl who is saved by Bruce Willis.

I have to say I enjoyed this movie although it was extremely violent. I must admit I am having second thoughts about the impact of violent movies, video games and music in our culture these days. I may not be able to recommend this movie for people who have a hard time distinguishing fiction from reality. With all the news of kids killing people these days for no other reason than it felt good or they disrespected me or my parents punished me so I shot them in the head. I have to wonder what is the real impact of this type of media on young minds who seem to be losing control of the line between right and wrong, good and evil.

I Give this a 4 out of 5 grade but this is NOT a movie for young people. Adults only!!!