Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We are all different!

Loosing weight is a battle many of us fight in our lifetimes. Some of us more than others. I'm pretty lucky I suppose as I have always been fairly thin even though I was up to 199 lbs several years ago, I manage to stay around 175 - 180 most of the time. Recently I managed to loose 10 lbs by removing bread from my deit. It took me three months to loose that 10 lbs as I like to eat sweets at night before bed.

However I recently ran across a product by Visalus Sciences that led to me dropping 15 more lbs in only 5 weeks! WOW, I was amazed and still am. I signed on and am still in the middle of my 90 Day Challenge. I know this works, will it work for you? Only time will tell, take the "90 Day Challenge" and find out!

What have you got to loose?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Your Mind Right

Update! Lost 22 lbs in 8 weeks! "90 Day Challenge" coming to an end in less than two weeks...

........... Now back to "Getting Your Mind Right!"

Like me, you may have heard this phrase before. I have heard it and used it but what does it really mean?

Like many people, I have struggled with trying to get my appetite under control for years and due to my penchant for eating unhealthy snacks and gorging myself when I have a plate or two of yummy food to consume, I have suffered from all types of problems from weight gain to GERD and other gastro intestinal problems I will not go into. Making a plan and sticking to it when it comes to food is a really hard thing to do!

Well, I have still not mastered my late night cravings for ice cream, chip or pop corn completely but I have gotten closer to my goal than ever with the help of a company called Visalus. They make a delicious cream flavored shake mix that you can use as a meal replacement or supplement depending on your goals. If your goal is weight loss (like me) then use it for meal replacement.

I have been doing it for over 2 months and I have lost 22 pounds. The pounds came off quick and the funny thing is, I had been trying to lose weight since January 1st and had managed to lose 10 pounds already but it took me about three months on my own. With the help of the VI shakes (and they are very tasty I might add) I lost the next 10 in about 3 weeks. Now I am holding steady at about 156 and anticipate losing only about 5 more poundsat most! Since I am 5'10 and fairly lean already, I don't want to lose much more weight but I am now in the phase of toning and reshaping. I am preparing for two upcoming Black Belt tests in the two martial arts classes I take, both will be within a few months of each other if all goes well. The first one will be in my Tomiki Aikido class and it may happen by the end of this year. The next test will be in Combat Hapkido and should be sometime in the first quarter of 2013. Again this is if I stay injury free and all goes as planned.

Now the phrase (Get your mind right) is important here because what I am learning or have learned is that all of this stuff in regards to food, excercise, etc., is all in your head. You have to get in the right mindset to accomplish goals you have. In other words, you have to really want something bad enough to make the changes that have to be made in order to accomplish your goal, any goal.

I suppose I have finally gotten to that point. I want something bad enough to do what it takes to see it through. One thing I am excited about is that this product the (VI shakes) are the catalyst that have helped my break through a really tough barrier that was keeping me from getting my mind right. Now that I have achieved my weight loss goal, I am on to my next goal which is getting in the best shape I can be to be ready for these upcoming tests. I feel like I can accopmlish that now. The one regret I have is that it has taken me this long to get here, at 51 it seems I am a very slow starter.

In closing let me add that I am currently reading a new bookcalled "Overkill" by Steven Shrewsbury. It is about a legendary warrior who is over 700 year old! I'm not saying I would like to live that long but at least he has had plenty of time to learn and "Get His Mind Right"...