Thursday, August 18, 2011

Been Away but I'll Be Back

Been away from this blog for quite a while. I suppose Facebook has allot to do with that. I thought I would do an update and try to start working my way over here more often.
First - Politics!
Life has been challenging for many of us self employed folks for the past two or three years. When the Democrats wind up in power business usually takes a hit so I was not surprised but I was surprised by the extent of damage they managed to do to the economy since they took over the congress in 2007 and then once Obama came into office.
Hopefully with the help of the TEA party we will see BIG changes in 2012 and perhaps business can begin to grow again in America. I know many people disagree with me on this and we can debate or argue much of this stuff all day but let me put it this way. It is VERY simple.
When you raise taxes on BIG business of any kind it will be passed on to the consumer, it always does. So, raising taxes on Big Oil, Big, Pharma, Big Teleco, Big Tobacco, etc, always comes back to hurt the consumer... Also, when you raise taxes on the so called "RICH", it hurts charities and investments. So it hurts the poor and those who are trying to start and grow businesses. Your not hurting the RICH because it really does not change their personal lifestyle but it does hurt those who they give money too and who they invest in.
If you can wrap your mind around that then you understand why conservatives are against raising taxes, period!
OK, on to other things.
Martial Arts
I am starting my preparations for my next BIG test in Aikido. This will be my 1st kyu test which will put me on step away from achieving Black Belt. This will be a challenge both physically and mentally. There are many techniques to memorize and demonstrate. I hope to be testing in 8 weeks or less. It all depends on Sensei Orlando. When he deems me ready he will let me know.
I am also training in Combat Hapkido in a distance learning program. I went to a seminar in Southern Pines two weeks ago. Really enjoyed getting to work with Grand Master Pelligrini again. I received my purple belt about a month ago and have been working on Blue Belt Arts since then. Will have my first MAT time on these techniques this weekend. This is the beginning of the advanced arts in this system and I really like it! I hope to move on to Brown Belt very soon.
My plan is to acquire my Black Belt in both arts in early 2013 if not sooner. Once I do this I will begin offering personal self defense training here at my home dojo. Along with music lessons this is part of my retirement plan. Of course it will be another 10 years or so before I can really think about giving up my delivery business but I will go as the Lord leads me.
I have been working very hard on playing the guitar and singing. I have learned 30 to 50 songs over the last three years since I began playing again. I can do a short gig now and am working towards being able to do a 2 hour gig playing and singing. I also am giving guitar lessons. I have one student already and another who wants to start next month.
Well, that's enough for now. I have to get ready for Aikido.
In the words of the Terminator,

"I'll BE BACK!"
Until then may the Peace of Christ be with you and yours and may God Bless America!