Sunday, January 28, 2007

15 days

It is the15th straight day of my juicing experiment. I have to say this has been quite a life changing experience for me. What started out as another of my excursions into the unknown has become something that I have decided to incorporate into my lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits I personally have found thus far.

I have lost about 6 pounds
I have lost about 1 inch off my waist (maybe more)
I have lots more energy
My body and mind are rejecting bad foods
I am eating less meat and am off fast foods
I am drinking less sodas and sweet tea
I am drinking more water
Taking Bee Pollen every day
Eating at least one banana per day
I am getting my daily recommended allowances of Vitamins B, C, D and A
My skin is less dry than normal for this time of year
My stomach is not bothering me like it normally does
I am almost completely off the acid reflux medicine
The normal lethargic feeling I would have at the end of the day has disappeared
I am exercising more and daily
I have gained a good bit of muscle tone
My attitude is great!
My mind is clear and my health goals seem very reachable

Now I know that is a lot of positive feedback from juicing and it my sound a bit over the top but it is exactly on target. I have been out of shape for about 6 or 7 years and getting bigger each year it seemed, never really finding a way to commit to an exercise routine or diet that would stick but it looks like this one is going to work.

Here is what I am still eating from my normal lifestyle.

Chinese food twice a week for lunch
Chicken Marsala last night with all the trimmings and a glass of wine
Pop corn and a coke at the movies on Friday
Country style steak w/gravy last week for dinner
Breakfast including smoked sausage and hash browns once last week
Cereal and milk for breakfast or dinner a few times (Special K and Cherrios)
BBQ for lunch one day last week (with broccoli and apples instead or fries and beans)
Fried fish sandwich and Fries one day for lunch
Smoked Turkey sandwiches with mayo and chips for lunch and dinner once or twice last week

So you can see I am not depriving myself of the things I do like for lunch and dinner most of the time. However I am drinking water with these meals now instead of sweet tea. I also have cut most all of the soda out of my diet. I had the one at the movies and a few small glasses of JB/sprite the other night at the poker game but that is about it for sodas.

Now if I go hard core and really start cutting out some of this regular eating of mine at lunch and dinner and replace it with something less fat and more healthy I could probably double the weight loss and inches too but I am in no hurry. My goal is to do it slowly and just peel away some of the bad stuff from my lifestyle one layer at a time until I get down to a comfortable weight of about 185 or 180 and beef up my muscle tone a bit more especially in the mid section. The health of my insides is even more important as I want my kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and stomach in the best shape of all.

My current goal is to continue down this path of one glass per day until I hit 30 days and then kick it up to two glasses per day. That will in turn allow me to cut even more of the fat and excess from my diet. I will make sure to continue to get all the fiber I need from bananas and cereal as well as fresh veggies for lunch and dinner on occasion but much of my nutrition will be derived from my juicing, bee pollen and bananas.

Around the end of next month I hope to work on my first real juice fast. A short one at first, maybe two days. The purpose is to completely detoxify the body. I have been reading up on this and it is very good for the body to get rid of these toxins and replace your body's fuel with healthy and nutritious juice. The blood and all the major organs will be cleansed and detoxed. It is a good way to cleanse the spirit as well by spending quiet time praying, meditating or reading. There are folks who do this for 30 days but I am not that advance or do I even really want to go that far at this point. I will take this one small step at a time.

Well that is my progress report.

God bless you all and good luck on your own journey back to good health!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wanted: Alive or Dead

Just a small twist with word play there to grab your attention.

My topic is not terrorism, well maybe it is really, terrorism of the body! We as a population have been ingesting such terrible foods and drink for so long it is nothing short of terrible for our health. Even though some of us live to be 80 or 90 (a smaller percentage even past 100) the larger majority of folks in this country are obese and will drop dead in their sixties if they make it that long!

Did you know that the human race is actually supposed to live to 120 or 140 years of age? Due to our bad diets and all the toxins we live with it is a rarity indeed for a human to live to be 120 although there are recorded cases of it.

Most of this early death today is due to obesity, toxins in cooked food, chemicals, pesticides, etc. Here is a quote from an article I found on the web from a press release from the University of Pittsburgh.

During the past 20 years, obesity rates among U.S. adults have skyrocketed with 30 percent of adults 20 years of age and older over 60 million people now categorized as obese and 9 million as severely obese. Over the past 25 years, the percentage of young people who are overweight or obese has more than tripled.

Need I say more on that subject. Well I have found a weapon to fight off this monster and it is called juicing! Of course if you know me you know I have been doing this for a few months now off and on and my last two blogs of course are dedicated to the subject.

I am at about day 10 of regular daily juicing now and I feel great! I am working out daily too and that is a result of my higher energy levels and my more focused mind. The psychological aspect of knowing I have this healthy juice in my body makes me want to eat better and exercise more.

Now to the main topic. Live Juice Vs dead juice.

One of my friends told me he was having a V8 each day now instead of sodas which I think is fantastic! Yet don't celebrate too much. If you in turn get a juicer and replace or add to that V8 some live juice (you will forget all about the V8 once you have tasted live juice) it would be so much better for you body!

Here's why.

When you choose live juice you get all the live enzymes that go with it. These live enzymes are what the body uses to rebuild and repair cells! In other words dead foods or heated, cooked or pasturized foods and juices have had all the enzymes along with much of the other nutrients, killed by the heating process and is not nearly as nutritious for you body.

While grape juice, orange juice and a V8 are much better than coffee and soda all day it is not nearly as good as fresh juice made from carrots, apples, celery, etc... When you get the live juice it will make your body feel live and energetic again! Dead food and juice is just that, (mostly DEAD) and your lethargic body will not respond to it like it will to live juice.

Here is a link to a lengthy article that goes into detail about live food vs dead food. It is more centered around food than juice but you can learn a lot from it.

OK, I am NOT an expert by any means but if you are curious go on the web and look it up. Here are some links that might help you.

And one more thing!

If you want a juicer try Ebay, the books can also be bought used on!

God Bless you and Peace be with you!

Good luck on your journey back to good health!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Juicing continues

It is about day 8 now since I started shooting for a daily dose of fresh juice. After a couple of months of juicing off and on a couple of days per week I finally have gotten serious about it. I am feeling real healthy and good about this experience. I have also been taking 1000mg of bee pollen with my juice. I had a glass of juice with a light dinner yesterday and it went down quite well. Although I have lost a few pounds and will probably lose more I am not really focused on that aspect of this new diet. It is more about quality of my health than the quantity of what I weigh.

I am working out daily and have been increasing my routines, adding new exercises and some additional weights to my curling bar and dumbbells. I will have to dust of the bench soon in the basement when the weather warms up. Right now the dogs sleep down there so I can't deal with the smell but I will evict them come spring time into the back yard and clean it all out so I can start using the bench press. For now my weights upstairs will do just fine.

My wife is sharing in the juicing experience with me and she is really enjoying it. She encourages my quest for good health and is an excellent partner in this. One great benefit I have found is that I do not need my acid reflux medicine every day now. I just went six days without a pill and that is the first time I have been able to do that in over 5 years. I am really happy about it. Once I get more of the bad foods out of my diet I may be able to get off the Nexium once and for all.

I still like to eat Chinese food about two or three times a week and drink coffee in the mornings. These are really bad for my stomach but I will wean myself off the bad stuff slowly over time. I have cut tea and sodas to a bare minimum. I now have water with my lunch each day instead of sweet tea. I stay away from cola most all the time now and have not been to a fast food restaurant but once or twice in that past couple of months. I also have cut BBQ out of my weekly lunch routine. I have only had it once this month and I went to a BBQ restaurant last week and ordered grilled salmon. That is will power! (grin)

We have pretty much gone all organic with our juicing. After doing much reading I have found it is recommended by most all the experts and it only makes sense. Too many pesticides and chemicals in regular farming of the fruits and veggies. They tend to soak it up through the roots and it becomes part of the juice as well as sticking to the skins. Organic is so much healthier!

I just had my glass of Carrot, Apple, Celery and Ginger juice and I can feel the tingle as I type. It is almost like a head rush! I am shooting for two glasses a day by next month. One a day this month will do. Some of the guys I have read about do six glasses a day! WOW, that is a lot! Not sure if I will get that far with it but who knows what the future may bring.

I am in the market for a bigger juicer with a more powerful motor. I have found that many of the newer models get a lot more juice from the fruits and veggies than the one I have is capable of doing. Ebay is a great place to go for this and is the best place to go for books on the subject as well.

Next blog I will talk about fresh juice Vs store bought juice...

Have a great day and be healthy in mind, body and most of all sprirt!

God Bless

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Juicing is For Life!

Juicing fad or fate?

I saw a commercial on TV many years ago and was intrigued when the man was selling a machine that looked like a food processor but he called it a juicer. He claimed that the juice was like a fountain of youth and that it was delicious. If you drank this stuff it would fill you with energy and blah, blah, blah.

I was skeptical since I have been bombarded with infomercials over the years with everything from the pocket-fisherman (which I once had) and the Ginsu Knives (which I always wanted). I was snooping around the cabinets one day at home and lo and behold I found a juicer my wife had brought with her when we were married. I cleaned it up and used it a few times and thought it was pretty good. I talked to some friends about it and kept seeing Jack Lalane on TV making juice and looking real healthy and strong in his eighties. Of course he is the picture of good health so I now started getting more curious. I began juicing about once or twice a month on the weekends when I would really try and get up and exercise and eat a healthy meal. A good friend of mine and I were discussing it one day and he too had a juicer but he said it was a pain to clean up after juicing and he just didn’t want to go through all the trouble very often. I knew he was right so we both just kept doing it once in a while mostly on weekends.

Late in 2006 I decided to try and get back into shape and eat better. After being embarrassed by my large manboobs I had had enough! I started buying more veggies and fruits and set the juicer up on the counter permanently. My goal was at least once a week then I decided twice a week. Well today I am shooting for every day now, sometimes twice a day!

I have found that juicing each day gives me a huge boost of energy and most of all it fills my body with live enzymes and all kinds of pure vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The benefits to the human body that come from juicing are tremendous! It acts as a detoxifying agent by causing the colon and liver to expel toxins that tend to build up over time after eating bad food and drinking sodas, alcohol and coffee for so many years. It also rebuilds cells since the live enzymes are the basic building blocks of the cells in your body. It cleanses the blood , lungs and kidneys. It is also said to help eyesight, skin and hair be rejuvenated. There is so much more to write about juicing I could go on and on.

Fortunately for me my good friend Jeff is also enjoying juicing as much as I am and we constantly challenge each other to juice each day. It is fun and so good for you I am hoping to keep this up and make it part of my life. The health benefits are enormous and will provide so much goodness for me and anyone who does it, I see it as a no brainer at this point. God made us to enjoy all this fresh food, not cooked and pasteurized food so when we go back to what our bodies were designed to be fed we are allowing ourselves a chance to heal and get back the vitality we were always suppose to have.

I am also working out again with weights and exercises like crunches and push-ups. I did not have the energy to do that before I started juicing regularly. I am well on my way to being back in good shape and in good health again for the first time in a decade. I hope my story can provide some information and inspiration to you to do the same thing.

My new motto is “Juicing is for Life!”