Monday, October 10, 2011

The Grid, Music and Martial Arts!

There's alot of talk about dropping off the grid these days. I wonder if it is even possible to do such a thing. Sometimes I feel like I would like to to try but when it comes down to it I don't think it is very realistic. Yet, I think we should all consider planning ahead in case something drastic happens in America.
For example a major earthquake, hurricane, tornado or flood could destroy everything you own so it is nice to think you would be prepared for such a scenario. I mean by storing food and clothes somewhere other than home. Sounds extreme but how grateful would you be if your house was destroyed and all contents like in Joplin Missouri or in the recent tsunami in Japan. What if you had the forethought to store food, clothes, even money in a place somewhere other than your own home. Not saying that I have but the thought just came to me in this regard. I will have to ponder the logistics of such an idea.
Now moving on to lighter subjects, if you have ever read this blog you know I am into martial arts. I love to practice it and to watch it on TV or in person. I have been and am still pursuing black belts in two arts, Aikido and Combat Hapkido. I am still making good progress towards these goals and am about to test again in Combat Hapkido, this will be my Blue Belt. In Aikido I am still a couple of months away from my next test but it is a BIG one. First Kyu, which will be my last test before Black. Very exciting! My ultimate goal is to teach self defense. Private lessons or perhaps in a Dojo of my own someday.
One of my other passions is music. I have always loved singing, ever since I was a small boy singing around the house and to the radio. I had a knack for remembering lyrics even when I was six or seven. I began playing guitar at thirteen and only played about a year. I got good fast and even helped instruct in my music class in the 8th grade in Stockbridge Ga. but my circumstances changed and I moved away from Ga., back to NC. I lost interest in the guitar and although I usually had one in the closet I rarely took it out and played unitl a few years ago when I began playing again. I do remeber taking lessons about 20 years ago, I think I took two or three lessons but alas I once again put the guitar back up and failed to go any further.
Today I am into guitars BIG TIME! I own about five of them and I play every day! I love it more and more! I suppose there is a time for every thing and this is my time for the guitar. I intend to keep playing until I get good enough to be a professional. I am playing some small gigs now for very little money but it is a start. My goals is to make $5,000 a show! Someday I will get there.. (wink)