Friday, June 29, 2007

Gone but not forgotten!

I have been gone, at least from these pages but I have not forgotten about the blog, completely anyway.

As I am starting to get back into my daily browsing of the internet news I am inclined to comment on some of it along with filling you in on some stuff going on in my own life as well.

First off we are moving this coming week. I am really excited about getting into our new house. I go into detail about it more later but I will say it is a much nicer house although about the same size as this one. It is in a far nicer neighborhood and closer to shopping, Church and many of my friends. I will miss this house but not the neighborhood or some of the neighbors. Although they are mostly nice folks most of them do not take care of their properties. The new place is quite different in that arena and we have some really nice looking houses on the block that should make our new home a much better investment in the long run.

Now the news: Iran is in turmoil and is rationing gasoline. The people are revolting and burning the gas stations. If they will just destroy the refinery Iran's economy will collapse and they will be over.

The immigration bill did not pass in the Senate, it was doomed in the house anyway but this is good news for America. I am glad to see the people coming together over this one and defeating this BAD piece of legislation.

My son just turned 21 and has joined the Navy. May God bless him and protect him is my prayer. Does this mean I am old?

The wife and I celebrated my Bday, Jason's Bday and the closing at Ruth Chris's steakhouse on Wed. night. WOW! That's a great steak!!!!!!