Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am really thankful this year to have the great family and friends that I have and such an awesome Church family too! The fall was extraordinary this year with colors that were amazing! Plus on top of all this, I am and AMERICAN! This is reason enough to be thankful beyond all measure but most of all, I must be thankful to God for his transforminging power and love. He has worked miracles on me and changed me into a man who is striving to be one of his true servants and shake of the dust of the devil's trail, leaving it in my distant past.

Thanks be to God!

So, another Thanksgiving Day is behind us and time to move ahead towards Christmas! This is a great time of year in many respects and in some ways it's not so great. However I am willing to put the bad aside (business is slow this time of year for me) and concentrate on the good. Getting to spend time with family is great! My Mom and sisters came to visit us on Thanksgiving Day and we had a great meal. I cooked the turkey or course, as is my tradition and we had all the trimmings too. Christmas will be extra special as my son will be here for a couple of weeks and we will all drive down togetehr and have dinner with the girls is Spartanburg Christmas Day.

Now there is Church. Always lots of good things going on there this time of year, especially in the choir. We will be singing some beautiful music and we have lots to do as the session meets and discusses Church business. Room In The Inn starts up soon and I will be cooking breakfast again this year. I am also cooking for the Men's Breakfast once a month so that is great fun!

Oh by the way, David, Jim, John and I sang a song at Church the other day called "The Highland Hymn". It was really fun singing in a quartet like that. I want to do more of this kind of music.

OK, that's about it for now. One more thing though.

I may be going out today and picking up my new gear for the DJ/Karaoke business I am putting together. I am finally getting back into the business after about 5 years off. Since I am not sure what the future of the delivery business is I am going to get back into the Entertainment business, something I know and love. I plan a different approach this time. With nearly 12 years under my belt as a DJ/MC/KJ and singer, I intend to use my prior experience and really put together a great show and become a booking agent as well. If this works out well enough I may get out of the delivery business eventually and take up something else during the day to keep me busy. I will have to wait and see what happens. With this uncertainty in the economy all options are on the table.

Grace and Peace to you all

Happy Holidays