Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another day in America!

I Love America!

There I said it. I'm sorry if I hurt any one's feelings. NOT!

What a great country we live in. It is such a privilege to live here and to have the opportunities that come with being an American. Praise the Lord!

Well Congress is about to adjourn for the summer and Nancy Pelosi will not allow a vote to come to the floor on drilling. She knows it will pass, that is why she keeps fighting it, hoping prices will go down so she can say the crisis is over. I have news for her. Prices may come down some and have for that matter but the American people are fed up with her and we are demanding action on this subject. The Pelosi do nothing Congress better get it in gear or they will pay come November!

Now Mr. Obama and his supporters are out there saying if we just inflate our tires and get a tune up we could save about as much oil as we could get at if we drilled offshore. To use a modern term, OMG! Can you believe this guy? He has a Harvard education but obviously has no common sense.

Truth is we have more oil here in America than all of Saudi Arabia! All we need is the OK from Congress to go and get it.

Well on to more local issues. Janet is doing much better. On cast is off and one left to go. She is driving and working again and will be back to normal in a month, maybe two.

I'm working hard and have noticed a slow down on the printing side of my business. Most of my customers who are printers or printing related have really slowed down. Fortunately the Telecom business is booming and that is keep me busy.

I sang my first solo at Church last Sunday. "Peace In The Valley" and old gospel song from the 1950's and covered by Elvis in the 60's. It went over well and I had Lot's of great feedback. The Lord really worked through me that day!

Now some Tech News!

I finally got a flat screen TV! A Samsung 40" LCD-HD 720DP. It was on sale for a very cheap price at Circuit City and I could not pass it up. It was less than half the 46" model and the 720 dp I am told is just as good as the 1080 dp if your not watching blue ray, so I went for it. I love it!

The picture is great and the sound is too. We have really been enjoying it and I am now not going to see certain movies on the big screen that I otherwise would have gone to see just so I can see them first on my big TV. I will eventually save enough money that way to pay for it! I found a real nice stand for half price too so we are set!

Well before I go I will end with this. I donated money to the John McCain campaign this year and it is the first time I have ever donated to a Presidential campaign. I would have never believed that I would be supporting McCain even six months ago but I have decided an Obama Presidency is just too dangerous in this day and age, so I am pulling for the old guy.

Right now he is holding his own in the polls even though the MSM is in love with Obama and have been giving him more coverage than Micheal Jackson at a pre-school sleepover! Yet Old Man McCain is nearly dead even in the polls. If he gets tough and really hammers Obama between now and November I think we can win.

So if you want Sky-high taxes, Government run health care (puke), constitutional rights for terrorists, more libs on the Supreme Court and socialists running all three branches of government then vote for change and hope. If you want an America we can be proud of with a President who will fight the war to win, keep taxes low and will continue to put strict constitutionalists on the court then vote McCain.

See you in November!



Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A day in the life

Greetings friends

WOW! Life is interesting sometimes. Keeps us on our toes dealing with what each day throws at us. First off I want to say to my friend Doug I am praying for you and your family. I hope your Dad can come through this chemo with flying colors. Good luck my friend!

Next I want to let all my friends and Church family know how much Janet and I appreciate the cards, food and prayers since Janet (my wife) broke both her arms two weeks past. Yes, she did. A sudden fall and life changed drastically for us. Fortunately her bones will mend and she will be back in action in a couple of months. It has been a challenge but not one we can't overcome.

Now on to the news of the day.

I just read where Nancy Pelosi has asked the President to release oil from our petroleum reserves to help bring down the price of crude oil in America so that our gasoline prices can also go down. I know crazy Aunt Nancy is not the sharpest drill bit in the pack but does she even realize that she is admitting that if we had access to more oil that gas prices would go down, yet she and her fellow Democrats will not allow us to go after and use our own natural resources here in America.

We have more oil reserves in our country than all of Saudi Arabia and possibly the entire middle east if you combine Alaska, both continental shelves, all of the gulf and the oil shale and tar sands of the mid west. Unfortunately our highly esteemed (9% approval ratings) Democrat Congress will not open up any of this for exploration or drilling so we will have to sit and wait for the country to wise up and elect Republicans back to the Congress so we can have a common sense energy policy.

On another note:

I was thinking about the wildfires in California just yesterday. The wacky liberals in that state keep re-electing the same nut jobs to the legislator who will not allow logging companies to go into these forest lands and clean out the undergrowth and dead wood. They will not even allow home owners to clear out dead wood and undergrowth on their own properties. This stuff fuels these fires and makes them burn uncontrollably. This in turn destroys peoples homes and lives as well as pumping millions of tons of carbon into the air, the stuff the left is blaming global warming on. So it is pretty obvious that the libs out in California hate your SUV's and air conditioning but do not have enough sense to pass legislation to really do anything to help stop global warming when it comes to these fires.

Is is a law you have to be an idiot to be a politician or does it just work out that way in California due to the public school system?

By the way, I have read allot of good news coming out of Iraq lately. Looks like General Petraeus has really worked wonders in that battle field. We have nearly wiped out Al Qeada in Iraq. I hope he turns his sites towards Afghanistan next.
God Bless him and all our troops for doing a great job and defending our freedoms from radical Islamic nutcases.

Seems like we live in an alternate universe sometimes when it comes to politics.

I could be wrong.

What do you think.