Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aikido ~ Hapkido Update


Just wanted to update my progress in the world of Aikido and now Combat Hapkido.

I am now working towards my brown belt in Tomiki Aikido at the Carolina Martials Arts Dojo in Stallings NC. My first year anniversary is fast approaching and although the past few months have been very slow progress towards my brown belt it seems that Sensei Orlando has finally decided to allow me to work on my kata and other techniques needed to test.

It looks as though it will be a lengthy test including the basic 15, the dynamic 22 and then some weapons technigue as well. The final phase of the test is usually free style so I can imagine it will take a full hour or longer depending on how I do.

If all goes well I would hope to be testing next month around the last week or perhaps the first part of March.

I also have been working at the Flagg Dojo in Mooresville training for my first test in Combat Hapkido. I probably would be testing next weekend for my yellow belt but I have a conflict with my Church schedule so I will have to put it off another month. I am really enjoying that class and look forward to my continued progress there. I am already into the orange belt techniques and will probably be ready for both tests by the time I get to meet with Sensie Doyle of whom I have not had the pleasure as of yet.

I have also been working with Sensie Handy off and on at the Dojo in Monroe, NC and intend to start training with him regulary on Wednesday nights as soon as he is back from vacation. This will be advanced training in Tomiki Aikido.

I am healthy and mostly injury free at this time other than my old shoulder, neck and lower back issues I have leanred to live with. My flexibility is improving and I am looking forward to a great year in martial arts.