Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Martial Arts vs Self Defense

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There is an ongoing debate in the world of martial arts about this art or that art being better for self defense. In my mind some arts may be more geared towards self defense than others and will more than likely give you a better chance of defending yourself in a street attack. I know that is a very general statement so let me drill down a bit more.

Most martial arts schools train you in a safe environment. You practice with a willing uke and do your best to learn techniques without injuring your partner who probably has to go to work the next day and needs the proper function of his or her arms, legs, fingers, etc..

The truth is that in most street fights, (and I have been in many so I know from experience what I'm talking about), they can be very fast, very brutal and the adrenaline is pumping so hard you are going all out and more! There may be multiple attackers and weapons involved. When this happens all bets are off! The term we like to use in our Combat Hapkido Club is "Junkyard Dog". When you find yourself in the heat of battle you often revert to more primal instincts. Survival is a built in response for most people and they will scratch, bite, kick, headbutt, stomp, pick up a rock or a chair and on and on to survive!

If you watch videos of real attacks on the interweb  you will see that most folks just go nuts!

Now, let me say this in earnest! Training is good and if you train enough, you can burn some of these techniques into your autonomic response in a fight. Simple, easy to go to techniques like an armbar are fast and effective.  It can be applied in many different ways not just what you have seen on TV at a UFC event.  There are other great techniques that you can use and may well help you survive an encounter on the street.  We like to say, have as many tools in your martial arts tool box as you can. When pressed, pull out your favorite ones and use them.

In closing, don't expect that just because you are a black belt in something, you will automatically win in a street fight. You may not. Street fights are dirty and unless you train at a dojo who trains you to fight dirty you may wind up hurt.  Remember your best weapon is your brain and you can best win a battle by avoiding it altogether. I will write more on this subject soon in an email blast.  Until then,


JD Pearce

2nd Dan Aikido

2nd Dan Combat Hapkido

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Catching up!

As usual I have neglected to post here. I hope to remedy that and start posting more regularly this summer. As I said in the last post I have given up my regular Aikido work outs and it has had a positive impact on my spine. I have not been to the Chiropractor but twice so far this year. I used to go once a week! I am still stretching each morning and working out so my back is doing great!!!

Some very sad news to report. My Aikido Sensei Tony Orlando passed away last year in December. We all miss him terribly but knowing that he was saved by the blood of Christ is very comforting. We all know he is enjoying heaven and waiting on us to join him. Peace be with you Sensei, I look forward to seeing you again in the great ever-after! Tony and I were great friends in and out of the dojo. I think about him all the time. Here's a pic of us a many years back when I got my Shodan.

I am still working with my Combat Hapkido club in Mooresville. Sensei Flagg is still providing us with his most excellent instructions on how to execute the techniques we have learned and are learning with more effectiveness than ever. I enjoy these workouts and look forward to going back each month for our three hour sessions. Here's the web address for that club.

If all goes well I would like to start training some folks one on one here at my home dojo or at the new Shotokan/ Aikido dojo in Charlotte on Independence Blvd. One of my old classmates from Carolina Martial Arts (Noah) is continuing the legacy of Tomiki Aikdo we learned from Sensei Tony at this new place. I have worked out there a few times and still do from time to time and will have access to that space if I can schedule it in advance. Here is the website address for this dojo.

That's all for now,

Have a blessed day.

JD Pearce
2nd Dan Aikido
2nd Dan Combat Hapkido