Friday, September 28, 2012

How Bad do you want it?

We all say things like "I'm really going to get into shape this year" or "I'm really gonna lose some of this weight this year". I'm guilty for sure of saying it over and over and never really doing it. I suppose it all comes down to the title of this blog. How BAD do you want it?

Really, how much effort are you willing to put into it? For years I said I was going to lose weight and never did it to any significant degree until I started using the Visalus Vi Shakes. I managed to lose 25 lbs in 90 days after already losing 10 lbs on my own little diet. So from January of 2012 to August 11th 2012, I dropped 35 lbs. I suppose I weighed about 188 to 190 in January. At my height of 5'10" and a slim frame it was too much. I lost down to 152 at my lowest weight last month. I'm back up to 156 now but holding steady.

After testing for 1st Kyu in Aikido I knew I could do better. My cardio was crap and I was totally spent. Now I've been doing Aikido for nearly 4 years and doing Combat Hapkido for over two years and I work out on a regular basis as well so I consider myself in pretty good shape but it's not good enough. I had to ask myself, "How BAD do I really want this?" So I decided the time is right to kick it up a notch or two. I found a personal trainer to workout with twice a week. I mean really WORK OUT! This guy is pushing me further than I have gone in 25 years. I have been so sore for the past week that I can hardly walk but I am pushing through it because I am excited about the potential. I have been inspired by those who like me, in the over 50 crowd who have achieved amazing results by pushing themselves beyond normal.

Now that I think about it, this is what excelling is all about. We have to push ourselves beyond what we think our normal boundaries are. Bruce Lee said: "There are no boundaries, no limits" We can set them and then exceed them. It is up to us to reach as far as we can and then go a little further. I am close to testing for my 1st Dan in Aikido. I will be achieving a life long goal the day Sensei hands me that black belt. Yet I am not limiting myself, I will be testing for 1st Dan in Combat Hapkido next year and after that I intend to go for my third black belt. I will not set limits on myself and neither should you!

How BAD do you want it?

Is it a goal in business, sports, love, whatever it is. There are NO LIMITS.

Go For IT!