Friday, August 26, 2005

Reporting in from earth


Just a quick note this morning. I am finally coming out of my cocoon and am back on the web again reading news, blogging and emailing friends. I took a break from it for about 6 months. Like many folks I go through stages in life and sometimes I pick up one habit and replace another. Then in time the cycle changes again much like the seasons are about to change. Wow, it is great to see fall just around the corner!

I played golf with my good friend Doug yesterday. The first time we have played in a couple of months. We both shot fairly well for the first time back. I had a 48 and I lipped out 4 putts. I'm not much for playing in heat above 90 degrees plus it has been raining quite a bit this summer so each time I had a desire to play it was either too hot or too wet. Anyway we are back at it and around here we can now play on through into December. Looking forward to many relaxing rounds after a hard days work.

The wife and I had a very wonderful weekend in Asheville just a couple of weeks back. Went to Biltmore and the Grove Park Inn. Very nice places. We hope to spend an anniversary at the Inn real soon! We have some great pics too...

The news is troubling as usual around the world. I looks as though the 911 commission was just a white wash to try and cover the butts of a bunch of Washington insiders. The news has come out the many people knew of Mohammad Atta long before 911 and nothing was done about it. They somehow failed to mention this in their report. hmmm, wonder why?

I can't really hold the Bush administration responsible as much as the previous President who tolerated 8 years of terrorist attacks and did literally nothing to stop any of it. Bush on the other hand was barely into office and due to the court case beset by Al Gore and the democrats, was unable to set up his cabinet in a timely manner so he was certainly caught off guard by the whole thing. I am sure that point is debatable but 8 years compared to 8 months is not much of a comparison.

Anyway got to get to work!

Many blessing on our country!!!