Saturday, February 03, 2007

Debate on Iraq and Terror

I have been in a constant debate for quite some time with a friend of mine who I call a Liberal. He claims to be a moderate but I see no real difference. Six of one, half a dozen.....You know the cliche.

Anyway our latest back in forth resulted in me sending him this email. I felt like posting it here today so anyone else who wandered by could read it.


Like a typical liberal your hatred for Bush unhinges you and your thought processes.

Perhaps you remember that the executive branch under Bill Clinton was the administration that first drew up the plan to remove Saddam. Regime change was our only solution to protect the middle east and America from his WMD. Every Senator who now bloviates about how Bush lied over WMD stood right up on the Senate floor and called for Saddam to be removed and went on and on about what a threat he was while Clinton, said almost the same exact things President Bush said before we went into Iraq.

You might also remember that Saddam ignored about 13 UN resolutions over a period of as many years that ordered him to give up all his weapons programs and fully disclose everything to the inspectors which he refused to do. After 911, the only safe and smart thing to do was to take him down since all the intelligence supported that fact that he either had or could make WMD at the drop of a hat. Keep in mind he had plenty of time in the run up to the war to dispose of, hide or ship his WMD to Syria or elsewhere.

With that being said, Iraq is the perfect strategic base of operations to deal with Iran so that probably was a dream for the military strategists who also knew we would have to deal with the Iranians since they have been trying to go nuclear. Now that we can squeeze them from both sides it really gives us a great opportunity to force that regime out hopefully without a full scale ground war. North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran will get their turn. We can only depose one murdering dictator at a time. Since we are on this subject why is it that you folks constantly complain about us taking out Saddam then turn around in the same breath and criticize Bush for not taking out these other nut cases?

The sad thing is all the anti war wackos in America are trying their utmost to replicate their glory days when they were able to stop the Vietnam war with their marches and protests. The 24/7 news cycle is a BIG help to them now and the fact that the MSM is made up of 98% liberals is also a HUGE advantage to the anti war pacifists.

The fact that Saddam was a brutal dictator and killed, tortured, raped and oppressed the Shiites and Kurds (300,000 or more) while building 50 Palaces for himself, his perverted murdering sons and the many Sunni's he kept under his wing, means nothing to you libs. You seem to conveniently ignore these facts while you spew your vile hatred for George W. Bush, the ONLY President with the courage to take a stand against the terrorism that has plagued this country and the world for the past 30 years or longer.

You folks do not seem to realize the threat that the Islamic Jihadists pose to the world and your country today. Your hatred for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the others seem to leave you unable to think rationally on this subject at all! You never comment on the fact that in a four year ground war we have managed to kill tens of thousands of terrorist insurgents while only taking about 3000 American troop deaths which is less than we lost on the first day of the first battle of W.W.II. You seem to ignore all the Iraqi Kurds and Shiites who have stood up and thanked America for saving them from Saddam and helped them restore most of their country to a peaceful, prosperous place for the first time in 30 years. You seem to ignore the fact that Saddam was a contributor to the Palestinian suicide brigades providing 10,000 dollars to the families of those Arabs who would send their children to Israel or elsewhere to blow themselves up and take out as many Jews as possible. You seem to ignore the fact that in Iraq, 30 mins from Baghdad their was a terrorist training camp, Salman Pak, where jihadists routinely were trained to highjack American and European airliners as well as other terror related training.

It seems today all the left wants to do is criticize Bush because this war is not over yet or because he didn't plan for the insurgency. The plain and simple truth is; we have most of the terrorists in the world, concentrated in one central location in the Middle East, (NOT IN AMERICA) where we can use our military to kill them and you folks want to pull out of it and leave.

That just blows my mind!

I say lets keep them in the desert and continue to take them out for the next ten years if it takes that long. Each one we kill is one that will not be blowing up and innocent civilian in America, Israel, France, Spain, London or Bali. If we stay the course perhaps they will eventually run out of money or terrorists or at least the fortitude to fight us any longer.

If you would look seriously at history and the rise of Hitler you can see how the rise of the Islamic Jihadists is eerily similar to the that of the Third Reich. Hitler grew in power while Europe stood by and did nothing. Diplomacy did not work with him and it will not work with terrorists. Some folks in our government recognize the danger this poses to all of Western Civilization yet you folks on the left or middle or wherever the hell you want to put yourself just do not get it....

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Put your disgust for conservatives and Bush away for the duration of this war and get on board so we can fight and win these battles. We must fight and kill these terrorists in order to survive. Do you want a nuke detonated on American soil? If we do not stop these people that will happen. Do you want a bio-attack in a major city? How about 10 cities at once? If we do not continually disrupt, disarm, displace and debilitate the terrorists in Iraq, Iran, Syria and elsewhere we will surely be attacked again. Stop the constant complaining and whining and stop your morale killing diatribes in the liberal left MSM! The troops need moral support and they are not getting it from YOU!

Honestly, I pray that my fellow Americans be they liberal, moderate, conservative or just plain ignorant about it all will see the importance of what we face in the middle east. We must all come together to win this war and stop the forces of terror in the world who have SWORN to destroy Israel, America and our allies....

God help us all!

Oh yeah and one more thing!

Have a nice day! (smile)