Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraqi Elections

The Iraq election is an important historical moment in time for many reasons but one of the most incredible things about it in my opinion is that there are so many people here in the USA and around the world for that matter, that are against it and actually hoping to see it fail.

The Ted Kennedy’s and John Kerry’s in the Senate along with others like Barbara Boxer seem to be pulling for the terrorists to win in this encounter with the anti-democracy rhetoric they spout each and every day. They seem to have an attitude that we should not be there at all and a withdrawal of U.S. troops should begin immediately. Many of them think that Iraq would be better off if we had not intervened to remove Saddam Hussein.

Think about it, they are inadvertently aligning themselves with the terrorists who are trying to stop the elections and the democratization of Iraq!

If I remember correctly when Saddam took power he had all the people in the government that might have been a threat to him assassinated and from that point on he ruled that country with an iron hand. Here is a great article that covers Saddam's rise to power. This thug murdered and tortured anyone who spoke out against him. He then proceeded to amass a fortune in wealth, building gold inlaid palaces worth hundreds of millions of dollars around his homeland while allowing regular Iraqis to starve. Meanwhile his two sons went on a spree of murder, rape and pillaging anywhere they pleased.

How many people died under the Saddam Hussein rule as a direct action of of the government?

Perhaps millions!

Let us not forget that Saddam was a tyrannical dictator who murdered indiscriminately and without impunity by his own hand. Yet some Americans believe Iraq, a country that has been liberated and is about to hold free democratic elections would be better off if this lunatic and his murderous regime were still in power!

For those who truly think this way I wish they would read what Ken Joseph Jr. has to say about it. He was in Iraq under Saddam and has family there. He knows what it was like. If you want another perspective from an Iraqi who is currently living there try this one out. Healing Iraq.

Now back to my tirade.

During Saddam’s rule many terrorists were welcome in his country. He had dealings with many of them and even had training camps set up for them in parts of Iraq where they could learn to hijack planes. He paid out large sums of money to families of those who conducted homicide bombing missions against the Jews in Israel.

Would you like some specifics? If so go here and check out the details.

Now we have Iraq’s fighting and killing terrorists in their own country with help from the USA and the coalition. They want the freedom to elect their own leaders and they are fighting and dying for it just as we did in the revolutionary war. We had help from the French back then, where are they now?

Seems that many around the world, mostly from Europe, do not want Iraq to be free either. I suppose their back room deals with Saddam and the millions of dollars they made from his oil for food scam were more important to them than the freedom of a nation and the possibility of spreading democracy in an area of the world that has been a breeding ground for terrorists for the past 50 years and longer.


Perhaps they want America to fail in it’s endeavor to spread it’s idea of democracy and capitalism. They know how successful we have been and are tired of playing second fiddle to the USA. Maybe there are some in the world who are so jealous of America they are willing to ignore the fact that in a historical context we have actually saved they lives of many generations of future (free) Iraq’s and we have set them on the path to freedom and prosperity.

Perhaps the fact that we are spreading the seeds of freedom in that region will hurt some of the deals that are being made by many on the world who had hoped to continue to see terror grow and anti-Americanism spread instead. They know that we are wiping out thousands of terrorists a month in Iraq, many who are streaming across the borders from other extremists regimes in Syria and Iran in order to stop the spread of freedom.
The fact that we are killing terrorists by the thousands is a good thing from my perspective and the fact that we are stealing the hope of future terrorists is even better.

I wonder where Ted Kennedy would be right now if his name were Saeed and he lived in Iraq during the rule of Saddam Hussein? If he spoke out against his President when he invaded Kuwait? Do you think he would be riding in a limo, eating himself silly and having martini’s in Chappaquiddick?

By the way, Ted Kennedy voted for the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 under President Clinton in which it called for a regime change in Iraq and for Saddam to be imprisoned, tried and punished for crimes against humanity.

Hmmm, guess he forgot about that one. Maybe due to a large hangover.

Later folks, I'm leaving for vacation in a few hours. Thanks for stopping by today!

God bless you all, even if you disagree with my right wing, conservative view on life.

PS ~ God bless our troops and the Iraqis who are fighting, dying and voting for freedom!

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