Friday, April 22, 2011

2nd kyu ~ Tomiki Aikido


Big News at the Dojo this week! Sensei's Tony & MaryAnn are leaving for Japan this morning to help with the disaster cleanup. They will be hauling supplies back and forth to one of the hardest hit areas and also helping with animal recovery efforts. We are very proud of them and we hope they stay safe and we know they will spread the good news of Christ while they are there. It will be different around the dojo with them gone for a month. I myself will take a week off after having my 2nd kyu promotion last night. I made it through the (test) even with a bad knee, thanks to many prayers and the grace of God.

I am looking forward to getting back in the groove and learnin my next set of techniques (Di Nei) for the 1st kyu promotion. Once that is behind me it will be black belt test next! I am very glad I stuck with this class. Not only have I learned excellent Aikido but I have made great, lifelong friends here, many of who are good christians like myself and we have a llot of fun outside the dojo too.

By the way, I passed my greenbelt test in Combat Hapikdo a few weeks ago and trained a bit for my purple belt last weekend. I am looking forward to a few more training sessions with Sensei Flagg and then on to test for purple at Master Doyle's dojo in Mooresville. This will be a fairly easy test for me since many of my aikido techniques are in this test.

Happy Easter Folks and God Bless.