Monday, October 05, 2009

Here are some pics from the Seminar and from my latest workout at the Flagg Dojo. I have decided to go ahead and start the Combat Hapiko system this month. I have trained 4 times in the past two months and am ready to get the process started so I can get my belts and certificates so I can use the training I have up to this point. It is somewhat costly but I think I can work it out.
The belts are:
red w/black stripe
black w/white stripe
1st dan
2nd dan
It will take about 3 years or more to get to shodan or black belt. This is of course if all goes well and I can stay on course and injury free (Praise God). Once shodan is reached then it is only the beginning! (smile)

I have been working on the twenty two of the Tomiki Aikido system on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the past couple of weeks. I am learning these quite well and hope to get the first two sets (11) down in a couple more weeks and then work on the next two sets. It is very exciting to delve into the martial arts finally. At my age it is good to have so many things to learn and to keep me working hard and staying in shape. It is so easy to get out of shape and can happen very quickly. You have to mantain a regular routine of working out to keep fit these days. If I can get control of my diet I will have it knocked! That seems to be the hardest part for me. I travel a lot and it is so easy to eat badly. Yet I am more determined than ever!
Grace and Peace