Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mind disease strikes Washington!

Here it is the day many on the right have been longing for just as many on the left are painfully struggling with the idea of George W. Bush being sworn in as President of the United States for four more years. I must say I am very happy with the outcome of the election but it is obvious that many on the left are extremely upset about it.

There are all kinds of protests being planned and many who will turn their backs on the President but all the same he is and will be our leader so we must all deal with it. It is obvious to me that something sinister is at work here and I think it could be a dangerous brain debilitating bacteria. Here's why.

President Bush and the Congress have some hard work ahead of them this year with the Social Security problem to tackle. Many of our lawmakers on the left are now saying the Soc. Security is not a problem. No crisis here, they say. We do not need to fix it, it is just fine. Yet only a few short years ago their own President, Bill Clinton was saying the same thing George Bush is saying now and can you believe it, they seem to have forgotten!

Perhaps the Soc. Security fairy came along and fixed the problem while we were not looking? I don't think so. You see this is where my theory comes into play.

Think about it.

When Bill Clinton claimed the Saddam Hussein was the most dangerous threat to the United States and the he knew for sure that Saddam had WMD all over the place the left stood up, saluted their chief and pontificated to the point of near exhaustion that he was right on the money and Saddam had to go! One by one they marched to the podium claiming that Saddam was a madman and he was soooo dangerous.

That's right and it is all on tape!

Then suddenly after George W. Bush was elected in 2000 and he began the same mantra the left were stricken with a mind numbing disease. They could not remember saying these things, in fact they took the exact opposite position when Mr. Bush began beating the drums of war.

What could it be? Perhaps they all ate from the same buffet at a Chinese restaurant in Washington and had contracted a debilitating brain eating organism that destroyed their memories.

Yeah, that's it!

Now when Social Security is on the chopping block to be repaired and revamped for the 21st century and beyond they all seem to have forgotten that it was in trouble. Sure they are all on record bloviating about it on the Senate and House floor. Yet it doesn't seem to matter to them now. I suppose that Egg Drop Soup was tainted with that same bacteria as before, or maybe it was the Lo mien. In fact this could be a plot by the Red Chinese who are working in secret with the UN, Iran, Syria, Fidel Castro and Ted kennedy to undermine the security of this country.

Yes it is all coming together for me now. All these lefty's here in the U.S. are being fed these noodles and soup at the local Chinese place and of course this is a disease bred in a laboratory that only affects the minds of democrats and republicans who think like democrats.

This latest report of four Chinese being snuck across the border is probably just them bringing in more tainted noodles from the home country. They are reportedly in Boston so I suppose they are working in secret with Senator Kennedy and former Kerry campaign staffers in an attempt to introduce their latest batch into the restraunts in that area.

Hmmmm. I better keep an eye on this one. I'll keep you updated!

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