Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Agenda

I like this title. Sounds like a movie, a book or a TV show. "The Agenda" Hmmm, maybe even a short story, I'll have to ponder this and let it stew for a while, perhaps an idea will form and I can put it down to add to my collection.

OK, on to the point of the title. The Agenda I am speaking of is only theoretical at this point but it is of course what I think is what motivates the people on the left side of the political fence. What is their agenda you may wonder?

Good question.

What motivated me to write this piece is a little blurb I read this morning on the Neal Boortz web page. He wrote about an interview on the street with some ladies concerning Social Security. (Heretofore referred to in this blog as SS) He asked how they felt about President George W. Bush (heretofore referred to in this blog as W) and his plan to privatize a portion of SS benefits.

The answer he got from one of the ladies was the following quote:

"She wasn't in favor of privatization because she didn't want to have to go to the trouble of making decisions on how her retirement money should be invested. She would just rather have the government do it for her."

At first I thought I had read that wrong, then I read it again and was almost shocked until I started thinking about it, really thinking about it. It is easy to dismiss this attitude as lazy or even dumb but when you go a few layers deeper than just what was said, you might want to think about what kind of education this person must have had that would lead her to make such an asinine statement.

I automatically started to equate this with an education in the public school system here in the USA. I too am a product of that system so I know something about what I am saying. For the last 40 years in America the public school system has been declining in it's ability to properly educate the children it is charged with educating. Although there are some exceptions, it is my and many other much more intelligent and educated persons here in the USA that the system I speak of is broken and in need of a complete overhaul or replacement. There seems to be no accountability any longer in these government schools. The discipline problems along with curriculums that are laughable, poorly trained teachers, out of control schools boards, overcrowded class rooms, alarming drop out rates and a host of other problems are leading to a very poorly educated populace these days in America.

For those lucky students that do make it out of high school with the basics and wind up in college they are bombarded with leftist ideology from professors and councilors that are also products of the same system in many cases (with few exceptions) who spew their socialist rhetoric from the moment these kids walk in the class room until the day they leave.

Many people who think like I do politically beleive a voucher system would help solve this problem. Since private schools out perform public schools by far in most studies many right thinking Americans would like to see this take root throughout the country. Yet the democrats have such a lock on the teachers union it is nearly immpossible to get the votes to push it through. The dumbing down of the public schools is a big part of "The Agenda" to keep the regular folks in this country from a good education.

It is obvious that in most cases a well educated person with the tools to create wealth and be self reliant here in the USA is a liberal's worst nightmare. Many if not most people who go out and work hard to get a good education and then earn a good living find out that the less dependant you are on government the better off you are. Yet the public schools system continues to be a breeding ground for uneducated kids who find themselves stuck in the lower classes of income earners because they are not given the tools they need to succede by the very people who are charged as their caretakers from 8:00 till 3:00 each day. Of course this is part of a vicious cycle that leads to no one taking responsibility including parents, teachers and lawmakers.

The truth is self evident. We all know what the problem is and the republicans have a solution to the problem yet the democrats are fighting us tooth and nail since they know that a well educated America will put them further behind the eight ball. They are losing power now thanks to W and they will continue to sink as he pushes through his current agenda . As he continues to solve these problems they will find themselves further and further from power. They will fight the SS fix as well as vouchers . They will also fight the overhauling of the income tax and W's plan to spread freedom around the globe.

Now here's the kicker. The dems will be so desperate to stop W and the republicans that they will try and impeach him. Yes that's right. We did it to their golden boy and they will have no other choice but to try and impeach W in order to tie him up with scandal so that he cannot push through his plans to fix SS and the rest of his agenda. They will be forced to do this or see their party destroyed by a politician who has outsmarted them at every turn. Iraq will be the cornerstone of their case and they will be lead by Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi among others. I hope I am wrong here but I must say it seems like their only option to me.

Have a blessed day!


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