Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update on Aikido and life

I'm back! I have ignored this blog too long. It is time for an update.

Aikido training is progressing at a slow but steady pace. I thought I would have tested by now but it looks like it could be another month or so. I just past the four month mark and it looks like six months is a more realistic time frame for the second test. I am on number eleven (Kote mawashi, hiki taoshi) of the fifteen basics and still need much work on these in order to do well on the test yet I am getting much better each time we work on these techniques. Numbers eight, nine and ten are somewhat complicated and it is taking me some time to really get the mechanics worked out.

I am also working out with Jeff now one night per week until further notice. I have to start choir practice again in a few weeks on Wednesday so that will throw a monkey wrench into the schedule but I will still try and go at least once or twice a month if I can work it out. Jeff just began teaching at a school in Monroe a few weeks ago and I made it to his class last week. We had been working out at his house previous to that. The other Jeff and I had lunch Friday and I hope to attend a Hapkido seminar with him and the guys later this fall.

Life is good right now although a bit complicated and busy. Allot going on between Aikido, Church, Business and life in general. I suppose it is good to stay busy, keeps one on his toes! I am in the process of trying to sell one business and start up another, this too is keeping me very active these days.

So that is it for the update. I hope that by the next time I write here I will be 4th kyu and on my way to brown belt.