Saturday, December 24, 2016

Goals Accomplished!

Greetings Friends

Since I was last here many great things have happened in my life and I have accomplished some major goals.  First of all I finally received my 2nd Dan in Combat Hapkido and a few months earlier I was awarded my Nidan in Tomiki Aikido.  These are two important goals I had wanted to accomplish in life and as a 55 plus age martial artist the journey has been long and full of injuries.  I finally got healthy enough to get it done and now am on my way to pursue some different interests.

I will still be training in Combat Hapkido but instead of pursuing 3rd dan I want to focus on going back through the curriculum and perfecting many techniques we learned along the way.  My Aikido dojo has closed unfortunately and I am looking for a new place to train for now. I will pick back up on that effort after the holidays.  I also want to put in a couple of years of combat handgun training.  We are currently looking into some classes for this.  I am always exploring martial arts and trying to add new, effective techniques to my tool box so this will be a never ending endeavor.

Just today I found a great video explaining the front kick as a serious weapon in great detail.  Check out this link!

By the way:

Congrats to Pres elect Donald J. Trump for putting and end to Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming President.  As a small business owner I am once again optimistic about the future of America now that the socialists have been defeated!

I have unfortunately found out that many of my friends and family are dealing with terrible illnesses lately.  Please join me in prayer for those who need healing.  Bobby, Bill, Freddy and a few others are on my list.

Finally, it is Christmas Eve and I am about to get ready to go to Church and sing for tonight's service.  As a member of the choir and the praise band I am blessed to be a part of our music program and along with martial arts, this music is a true passion of mine.

Peace and Merry Christmas!

JD Pearce