Sunday, January 16, 2005

Turning Right!

Good Afternoon

It is Sunday, Philadelphia is beating Minnesota pretty good as I type in one of two NFL playoff games today. Although Minnesota is not out of it yet and they do have the tools to make a come back. The winner of this one meets the Falcons next weekend. Later today the Colts will be taking on the Pats. That should be a high scoring game!

Church was good this morning and I really enjoy going these days. Our new Pastor Mack Sigmon, is a great talker and a very engaging guy. He really makes it even more compelling to go each Sunday. He is also teaching a bible study class that we have been going to on Monday night and we are really enjoying that as well. I love learning and this is a good opportunity to learn more about the bible and our history as Christians by a guy who really knows the word.

I read a heck of a good article this morning about how the hold that liberal educators have had over academia in many if not most of the higher learning institutions in the USA, is slipping. It seems that many more students are now identifying themselves as republicans and conservatives. This article found @ entitled "Right on Campus" by Brian C. Anderson, is very lengthy but well worth the time if you choose to read it. It is refreshing to find out that we are making strides in changing the liberal mind set so many students have been coming out of college with for the past 40 years.

In other good news the budget deficit is shrinking and the economy is roaring again. Although you would not know it by listening to the old media and many of the establishment democrats. Larry Kudlow has a great article explaining this @ Check it out!

I finally have started watching the show on FOX called 24. It is a great show! Well worth it if you like high energy drama on TV. It is on Monday nights so take a look if you can. Keifer Sutherland plays the lead role as (Jack Bauer) a government agent fighting terrorism here in the homeland. The website is pretty cool too!

Well as I titled this post it is good to see that many aspects of America are "Turning Right". With the rights new grip on the media, pushing the old lefty's to the side and the new found majority we have in congress and the White House, academia is the last bastion for the liberal left and it seems we are making good progress there too.

I can't help but feel that God has gotten sick and tired of being ignored and pushed out of American society and he is making a comeback here in the good old USA. Christians have rights too and we are tired of being ignored while we stand as one of the largest majorities in the country.

I invite my friends who are not true believers to be open minded and to work with those of us who are. We want the best for our brothers and sisters and most of all we want the USA to be safe and prosperous while we worship GOD in our peaceful, charitable way.

The right and the left can work together if we try. Let's use common sense and common ground to do what is Right for America before we get Left behind.

Have a fabulous week!



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