Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These are dark, perilous times in the world today.
If you are paying attention to what's going on in Europe and the middle east it looks as though the world's oil supply is being corralled and we are on the brink of WWIII. Greece is on the verge of collapse and Egypt, Syria and many other countries in the middle east are in turmoil. Iran is threatening to shut down some of the oil supplies coming out of the Mediterranean and have refused to sell oil to the French and the British. All the while Israel is contemplating a military strike against Iran who has declared they will destroy Israel soon!
In the meantime the uber-environmental leftist in America have refused to allow us to use most of our own fossil fuel supplies, said no to the Keystone pipeline and have funneled billions of dollars into worthless shell companies, touting green energy that supplies less than 2% of our energy needs. We have not built a Nuclear plant in the US for over 30 years! Gasoline is at record highs and our leaders stand by and do nothing but grandstand. Obama himself has said energy prices in America will necessarily skyrocket under his administration and he is making that promise come true. Our fragile economy will be choked by these high fuel prices and the price of all goods and services will continue to rise while jobs will be harder to find as the price of fuel increases throughout the spring and summer. This will hamper our slow climb from the pit of recession in America.
Meanwhile President Obama has submitted a budget that will have us 47 trillion dollars in debt over the next 10 years, raising taxes and cutting next to nothing from the current budget. If this isn't enough bad news, we have a war going on at our southern border that no one in the corrupt news media is talking about. The drug cartels in Mexico are killing people by the dozens here in America and headless bodies are showing up everywhere. A rational government would have troops on the border putting a stop to this invasion but out leaders do nothing and our press barely mentions it on the evening news. Not only this but we have a Supreme Court Justice who has openly declared she would not use the US Constitution and a model if she were creating a new constitution today. Is this not the same Constitution they swore and oath to uphold? My guess is that the latest appointees would follow in her wake.
The corruption of the news media in America is criminal!!!
The majority have openly chosen sides in the ideology war and have chosen the left. My guess is the journalism classes in America's colleges have indoctrinated them to the point that when the come out of college they are proud to call themselves Marxists. They use to pretend to be neutral but now many of them openly claim their leftist credentials on the air. Their purpose is to defeat everything Conservative or Republican.

America is fiddling while Europe burns. We should be shoring up our energy supplies here and making cuts that will see us through this global crisis but we are following the Europeans down the long dark road to oblivion.
Why? Is it greed, ideology or just plain evil? Only God knows, it is beyond comprehension to understand why the leaders of America don't stand up and start fighting to keep this country safe and move us away from the downfall of Europe and the Middle East. If you are a believer, no matter what your faith you must begin to pray every day for the survival of America...