Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas 2007

Greetings and salutations this Christmas season

I hope this message finds you all well and enjoying the experience. It is a wonderful time of year for many folks although a bit stressful for some. Life is often full of stress and we have to deal with problems from day to day that make things a bit tough on us as individuals or as families. I have found as a Christian that the best way to deal with trouble and turmoil in my life is to ask Christ to takes those burdens from me and help me deal with it all. Once you do that, give it all up to him you will find a peace you have never known before.

Let me tell you a story about an experience I had recently. It was a few weeks ago. My dear, sweet grandmother Grace Britt, God rest her soul, had passed and life was knocking me around a bit. My wife had wrecked her car (she was not injured thank goodness) and a large tree had fallen in the back yard onto the neighbors shed. I had also had a minor accident in my van and I was in training to become an Elder at Church while my only son was in Navy boot camp near Chicago. Of course all this was on top of the normal day to day stress of running a small courier business where I am the CEO, salesman and accountant as well as the primary driver who does the bulk of the deliveries. So needless to say I had allot on my plate and was becoming kind of frazzled around the ends.

One morning I walked out on my deck at home and it was a cloudy day. I raised my head up to the sky and spoke a silent prayer asking our Lord Jesus to please help me shoulder all that was burdening me. I said I knew I was unable to handle it all without his help. With me eyes still closed I suddenly felt a warmth on my cheek as if a hand was caressing my face and in my heart I could hear the words do not be troubled my son I am here with you. I opened my eyes and looked up and the sun had just peaked through the clouds shinning down on me for a few minutes. It truly felt like the hand of God on me, as a father would caress his child.

Of course I knew then I would get through it and all has turned out well. My wife has her car back, my son has graduated and moved on to Florida, I am now a fully ordained Elder and the neighbor said do not worry about the tree. Finally of course Grace Britt is with the Lord preparing for the day we will all meet her there together with many others that have gone before, singing praises to God in our mansions beyond this earthly realm.

Life is good if you have the proper perspective and know who to turn to when the going gets rough.

Have a blessed Christmas and a safe and happy new year!

Peace to you all!