Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tax Day Blues

Tax Reform

April 15th is fast approaching and it looks as though my wife and I are going to have to pay double the amount of taxes we did last year. It seems ridiculous that we work hard all year, sending in quarterly taxes then at the end of the year we have to send in double what we have already paid. Sure our businesses grew and I am happy about that but the taxes we must now pay are a dis-incentive. I am so fed up with paying these taxes that I am about ready to throw in the towel with this business and say to heck with it! Just when you have a little money in the bank and it looks like your going to be able to save a few thousand dollars for your retirement, healthcare, or perhaps buy a new home. BAM!

The IRS takes it all away.

I must say I am also embarrassed that 500,000 Latino or Hispanic people will come out and protest a proposed law that would finally try and stop the flow of ILLEGAL immigration to the USA and punish those who have come here illegally while trying to get a handle on the problem. These people are demanding that they have the RIGHT to be here. I am sorry but I do not see it that way.

However, I will commend them their peaceful protest and the fact that they stood up for their cause. My point is that they are willing to gather, march and protest while we, the American public, paying taxes out the wazoo, will just sit here and take it without getting out and letting our government know how upset we are.

I say it is time we organized a march and protest of our own concerning the current state of the convoluted tax code and demand that the government do something about it. It is time to enact a new tax code here in America! I am all for a Fair Tax or a consumption tax, anything that uses common sense and not this giant, voluminous, monstrosity of a tax code that no one understands. Nothing will get the attention of the Washington politicians better than millions of voters coming together as one voice.

The current state of affairs will be an incentive for me to shut down my small business if we do not change things. I am not going to keep working my but off to send my tax money to the Federal and State Gov. to be wasted and thrown away. They have proven that they have no idea what they are doing with the money. You might as well burn it.

However I will pray that they wise up. That is about all I can do until we can get together in force and show Washington that not only I, but millions like me are fed up!

Let's march!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

An open letter to the American Press

What if the media in the United States was really objective and balanced?

What if they really tried to gives us a balanced view or both sides to every story?

What if they did not have an agenda that was aligned with one of our two political parties?

The so called Main Stream Media here which some might say includes "ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, NYT, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, I think you get the picture, (For the record the WSJ does have a decent editorial page) has an agenda which is not truly to just report the news but to report the news as they see it.

You know what? I agree! Surprise, surprise, surprise! Thanks Gomer!

If you remember the Vietnam War it was a war where the USA was trying to stop the spread of Communism from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. We wound up losing that war or pulling out due to pressure back home because the press was able to turn the opinion of Americans sour on this war with their reporting of body counts. This pullout by the way lead to the death of over 2 million Vietnamese. Thanks uncle Walter!

Now I'll admit that the body counts were unbelievable (58,000) and I can see how it would have been hard to support that war. Yet in this current conflict the American media is trying to pull the same stunt with the Iraq war but since they no longer have the ear of the public they way they did in years past they are struggling in their endeavor to change public opinion.

In fact it seems that they are willing to now make up stories and rig polls to make their POV jibe with what they want public opinion to be. Over the past few years the press in this country has been caught with it's hand in the proverbial cookie jar time after time. From Dan Rather and his memos to Jason Blair and the NYT to recently this ABC exec and his email stating how Bush makes him sick. For some reason the institutions of the free press in the USA only seem to employ a bunch of lefty's who hate Bush or are anti-military. This is not what our founding fathers wanted the press to be. They wanted it to be free and report on the goings on of the political crowd but not this one sided.

I challenge you folks in the press to be more objective. Hey even us conservatives are not always happy with Bush, Cheney and Rice but we say it when we think they are out of line. Yet we are willing to support them when they are right. Let's get a balanced view of Iraq. Give us some stories about how much progress has been made in all aspects of the country not just the latest death toll. Can you do that? If so I might actually watch one of your news stations for more than a millisecond as I am channel surfing.

So far, thanks for nothing!

JD Pearce

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Government and Taxes

Greetings Folks

I have heard enough about the Feds and how they spend money like it was so much confetti that can be tossed about as if it were a party. The latest news is that the Congress just passed a bill that would allow the debt ceiling to be raised to 9 Trillion dollars. Yes that is right 9 TRILLION dollars. You and I can not even fathom how much money that is, not even Bill Gates can count that high with his fastest computer.

All the news that has come out of the Katrina debacle about how the Federal bureaucracy wasted BILLIONS of our tax dollars is just plain pathetic. We, the American people can no longer trust out government to collect and spend our money. Something must be done here to stop this idiocy. I don't care who is in the White House or in control of Congress this blatant lunacy must stop!

Here is a list of money thrown away or paid to contractors, that was not used or needed by FEMA.

3 million for beds that were never used.

10 million to renovate and furnish rooms that were used by 6 tenants then closed.

Semi's full of Ice (tons) that were driven round and round then disposed of due to lack of co-ordination.

Nearly 2 billion spent on trailers that were bought and paid for where nearly 11,000 homes are left unused by evacuees due to the governments own rules about placing mobile homes in a flood plain.

Millions of dollars in debit cards given out to thousands of evacuees that were not checked and had not restrictions on what they could be used for. Over 900,000 of the applications were found to be fraudulent after the fact. Some items bought by these cards include; jewelry, hand-guns, adult entertainment and gambling. Over 5,000 applicants received duplicate payments.

Hotel rooms for evacuees, paid for by the taxpayer for between $350 and $425 per night some beachfront and some in New York City.

FEMA is bad enough but what about this?

An 80 BILLION dollar Medicare prescription drug plan that has been described as confusing and difficult to figure out by seniors. In fact many polls showed that seniors did not really want this plan to begin with.

Add to the FEMA debacle and the Medicare waste the earmarks or pork projects that pass year after year. Earmarks being little pet projects thrown into a budget at the last moment. Mostly pet projects by greedy senators trying to buy votes in their districts. From bridges and roads in Alaska that go to nowhere to bike-paths in New York or bridges and roads in West Virginia named after Senator Byrd, BILLIONS have been spent on these pork barrel projects over the years that is nothing more than wasted money.

In my opinion you could get a class of sixth graders with a week of economics training to run the federal budget better than the US Congress. The reason? They would not be corrupted and greedy like these lifelong politicians are who cater to the special interests and the lobbyists on capital hill.

What can we do? Well we have to push our legislators to stop this insanity and if they don't we throw them out of office. If that does not work we take this government back anyway we can. Of course I am speaking of a peaceful way of doing things. We must use diplomacy and intelligence if that fails then we have to re-group and see what our options are.

Finally we are told to pray for our leaders so that they may have divine guidance to complete their tasks of stewardship. In the days of old the leaders of the church were greedy and corrupt, they failed to recognize the arrival of the messiah and had him crucified all while trying to protect their wealth and power. The people we have running our government seem to be much like those in Jerusalem when Jesus was killed. Please pray every day that the Lord will see fit to enlighten those who lead us and to send wise men and women who love the Lord, to use that will be elected to office so that we can get our country back on track working to glorify GOD not themselves.

May Christ be with us all...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Terrorism and the Media

There is a trial going on in California concerning terrorism that is not getting much attention from the Old media. Follow the link for the story.

This is the first I have heard of this story in a while. I vaguely remember a mention of it when it first happened. Why would the so called main-stream media not pick up on this and follow it like they would a Scott Peterson or OJ Simpson? I guess you must be a celebrity to get media coverage in this country. Being a terrorists doesn't rank in their eyes.

There could be another angle. If you are on trial for terrorism links then that might make the current administration look good, like we are winning a small battle in the war against terrorism, we can't have that now can we.

Keep in mind we just had a terrorist attack at UNC Chapel Hill and already the liberal papers are refusing to use the word terrorism in their stories. Will they try and sweep this one under the rug?

What will it take in this country to get the liberal left media to wake up and see terrorism as the danger it is. Our country is infiltrated with Muslims who wish to kill Americans and all infidels who they say is anyone who does not believe in Islam.

Just like a virus, they will eventually cause great harm to us if we do not take steps to eradicate them or neutralize them somehow. The media seems to be on the wrong side of this issue time after time unless of course they can somehow use it to make the Bush administration look bad, like in this Dubai Ports deal. This is a perfect illustration of the bias they work under. Although I agree that this Port deal is a bad idea it still highlights how they will pick up on an issue only if it is at odds with the Bush team and prominent Democrats are against it.

Now ask yourself this question. If President Bush had come out against this from the beginning would the Democrats and the left wing media be calling him and his people racists for profiling the Arabs in Dubai and labeling them as terrorists???

Think about it, it would be consistent. That is why I think this whole deal is just politics and nothing more and that is on both sides of the aisle.

Finally we must pray for our leaders as Christ said we should and it wouldn't hurt to pray for the media as well. I think they need divine help just as much as anyone....