Saturday, October 28, 2006

Vacation Bliss

My wife and I just recently returned from a weeks vacation in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia where we spent seven nights and six days in what I like to call paradise. It was difficult to come back to Charlotte after spending so much time away in a place that was 180 degrees opposite from where we normally spend our time. We also went to Washington DC, a place I have wanted to go forever. We really enjoyed that visit too if you leave out the fact that I walked my feet off going from our hotel down to the Museums and visiting all the sights in that town. Needless to say it was a vacation to remember and we took many pictures to prove it.

One place we saw that was really cool was the Ford Theater where Abraham Lincoln was shot. We actual sat in that very same theater and watched a two man play that was really well acted. We also saw the bedroom in an apartment across that very same street where the former President died. It was a thrill to be so close to such a historical place.

We of course had to go to the Smithsonian. It turns out that there are about six or eight museums in that area. We focused on two of them, the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum. Those two kept us busy for hours. Now I was warned by several people not to drive into Washington but to take a tour bus. Of course I choose to drive and it was no big deal. We parked at our Hotel parking garage and never used the car until we left. Then we managed to find a parking place near the Vietnam Memorial Wall and roamed around a few mores hours until we had to go. It was not the hassle I was lead to believe it would be.

Meanwhile our resort was a place called Massanutten in Harrisonburg Virginia. It was a large ski resort with a huge water park (indoor) and all kinds of amenities. We intend to go back again in a couple of years. The condo was nice and we had a great view since we were on the side of a mountain. There was so much to do there we only got to experience about half what they had to offer. It was one of the best trades we have ever made with our timeshare. We also spent one day visiting Luray Caverns and driving on Skyline Drive. That too was awesome.

I’ll leave you with some of the best pics.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Grace Britt

You know there is nothing like a Grandma. I have one that just turned 90 and my son Jason and I traveled down to Spartanburg to visit with her and all the gang who also gathered there to celebrate. Grace Britt or "Granny Britt" as she is affectionately known, lives in Northern Ga. with my uncle and aunt (Franky and Sandy), Bless them both for that! Most of my other relatives live in Georgia too and I of course was born and raised in and around Atlanta. That is another story for another time, just wanted to give you a little background.

My mom and sister live in or near Spartanburg so we all met there for a big dinner at a nice seafood restaurant. It was good to see aunts, uncles and cousins as well as my own immediate family. Many of these folks I only see once a year at our family reunion which we have been doing for over thirty years now, a major miracle in itself I would say for any family. We are blessed no doubt. Anyway it was a good times and I took quite a few pictures, some of which I will try and post here.

Finally I want to say this about Granny Britt. I have her in my mind and heart always, she is that warm feeling deep inside me that creates a sensation in my heart that can only be described as true unconditional love. I have memories from childhood that are good and bad but when it comes to Granny Britt she is the only person I can think of that conjures up nothing but good things in my mind. For me, next to our Lord and Savior, she is the true definition of Grace.

Here are some more pics, enjoy!.