Saturday, May 08, 2010

Aikido update 2010


Well it's nearly Mother's Day and I am about to take off for Spartanburg, SC or near there anyway to visit my Mom. We will be taking off to Georgia to go to our annual family reunion later this morning. So Happy Day Mom, I hope the weekend is special for you and all the other deserving Mom's out there who work hard to raise their kids or have done so many years ago and are enjoying the grandchildren...

However I digress, I am here today to discuss my Aikido class. I finally was tested (and promoted) to Brown Belt last week. It was a grueling 1 hour test that really pushed me physically. I learned a thing or two about my cardio health no doubt. Yet I was very pleased with the out come. Sensei Tony was very gracious and said I did a really good job and he was very happy with my progress. I have been at this Dojo for 14 months now and I hope to continue for as long as I can.

The test itself consisted of the 15 basics right side only Tori and Uke. Then the solo Jokata, which is 21 techniques. After that I am paired up with Uke again and run through the more advanced 22 techniques both sides Tori and Uke. Once I was done there it was time for Randori or freestyle. I took on about 7 attackers one at a time for three go rounds, grabs, punches then knives. Then came the two man attacks for several more rounds. I did surprisingly well in freestyle and was able to show many different techniques as I fended off my attackers.

Aikido has become a way of life for me and I would not want to stop learning and practicing. It really helps my stay in shape and keep the extra weight off too! I also will be training for my orange belt in Combat Hapkido over the next few weeks. My CH Dojo was closed for a while but has re-opened now and I will be headed back up to Mooresville soon to work out again with Sensei Flagg.

Sensei Handy and I are also working out in Monroe NC, most every Wednesday night in Tomiki Aikido. It is good to get the private instruction from him. He is a very talented 3rd Dan and helps me tremendously with my technique.

So now I often work out in Aikido @ the Dojo in Stallings, NC on Tues. & Thursday, Monroe on Wednesday and then Mooresville on Saturday in Combat Hapkido. Recently I have been invited to an Aikido Seminar on Saturday not too far from here in Weddington, NC just down the road a few miles.

Peace and Blessings