Monday, October 30, 2017

Still Kicking, well not so much...

Greetings friends

Back again to update the fitness quest for 2017.  It's been an up and down year for me fitness wise.  I have had a couple of back injuries that have sidelined me for weeks at a time. Also had some other medical issues pop up that kept me down for a while. Yet I am back at it again and this morning I had a great workout!  NEVER GIVE UP!!! So I started with jumping jacks, well here's a list of what I did.

1. Jumping Jacks (35)

2. Squats (20)

3. Lunges (20)

4. Mountain Climbers (20)

5. Plank (30 seconds)

6. Crunches (50)

Repeat: 3X

I did 15 jumping jacks between each exercise and finished with stretching..

Needless to say this was a killer workout. It is non stop for 10 minutes.  I will continue to do this till the end of the year.  I should be at a good place when next year begins.  If all goes well I will also try some cross fit next year.

Lately, my chiropractor has been after me to stop rolling, falling and flipping in Aikido.  If I do as she asks I will basically have to give up Aikido as you can not really do much without said actions.  I have decided that I should take her advice so I will be giving it up.  I still may go to class from time to time and help instruct.

I will continue Combat Hapkido until I get my 3rd dan then I will have to decide how to move forward  from there.



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