Thursday, September 04, 2014

A good night's sleep...

It makes a HUGE difference in your day.

Yes, we all need a good night's sleep.  I have trouble in this area as I have a dog who loves to wake me up early but today she slept until 5:00 AM which is my normal wake up time.  I am feeling great this morning, my back pain is almost nil today and my first set of the morning workout routine was a breeze!  Heading off to do the second set, be back in about 10 to 12 minutes...

OK, I finished my second set and went back and did an abbreviated third set this morning.  I'm trying to work up to three full sets.  Hope to be there in a week or two.  Also, I am going to change things up and instead of two days on, one off for cross training. I think I would rather do three days on one off.  As I said I will be tweaking as I go until I find the right formula for this workout.

I want to begin focusing on Martial Arts again here on this blog.  I have taken some time off from Combat Hapkido since I went to the seminar a few weeks ago.  It is time to resume training in a couple of days and I have a class to teach at Church in a couple of weeks so let's explore what I will be teaching.

It will be a 45 minute class so I will not have allot of time for warm ups and stretching but I want to at least get 5 minutes of that in before we begin.

It is a Self Defense class so my focus will be defining self defense in it's many forms including combat.  The first and most important aspect of self defense is:

1.  Situational, Awareness!

This cannot be stressed enough!  We have to be aware of our surroundings when we are out and about.  Get your face out of your phone or whatever gadget you are carrying around, that goes for when you are driving too!!!

I will follow up with a new blog post on this later.

Until then..



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