Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Day, Another workout...

Just finished my 2 sets this morning.  For those of you just happening across this blog, I started a 30 day challenge over 5 weeks ago.  When I was half way through I had an idea, make it a 1 Year Quest!  So that's where we are, I am doing a 1 year workout quest to see how fit a 53 year old man can get.  When I started you might say I was in good condition.  For a man my age who stays active I would say good but not great.

  So I want Great, is that too much to ask?

It seemed the old routine of working out for a few weeks and slipping back into the same old grind of gaining and losing 20 lbs just was not getting me to where I want to be in regards to my over all fitness, so here we are.

Here's what I did today so far:

Jumping Jacks (50) 
Squats (30) 
calf raises (50) 
leg scissors (30) 
crunches (60) 
oblique crunches (30) each side 
push ups (35) 
planking (45 sec) 
man makers (10) 

I also stretch both upper and lower body before each workout.

I have lost well over 10 lbs in the past 5 weeks as I have been eating properly.  NO fast food, NO bread is the main thing but I like lettuce wraps and protein shakes so that helps allot!

Good luck on your quest, whatever it may be!

PS ~ Next week I am going to start focusing on Martial Arts and Fitness!!!!



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