Friday, September 05, 2014

Self Defense 2014 - Are you Aware?

I left off in the last blog post talking about self defense and how the most important element is Situational Awareness.  You must always be on the lookout when you are in a public place.  Trouble can be only a footstep away...

I have a video to share that will illuminate this..

Notice how in the very beginning of the video the couple seems to be totally unaware of what's coming.  Are they ignoring them or just oblivious?  Also notice that once the attack ensues, the man and woman fight back forcefully and it seems to help some, as a few of the bad guys decide to run instead of hanging around to keep fighting. 

OK, now imagine the guy, girl or both were trained to deal with multiple attackers and they managed to take out one or two of the thugs before the rest could get their licks in.  How many of them would have run away from the get go once they realized these people were gonna kick their asses?

Here's another video to explain how this could be accomplished...

This is why we train folks!  

Now let's look at where they are and why.  Could they have avoided being alone in a part of town that obviously is less than safe?  Certainly, always consider this in an area where these types of criminals prey on folks just like these two.  DON'T walk down deserted alleys or streets.  Take a longer route if you have to in a more public area where many people are around.  Perhaps this could have been avoided altogether had they planned their route more carefully...

Next blog I will talk about the OODA - LOOP.  This is a very important concept in a self defense situation....



Prepared, Educated, Awake, Controlled and Engaged

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