Saturday, August 30, 2014

What a Week!

WOW!  I'm glad that's over, well almost, I've still got to work today but it will not be nearly as crazy as last week.  My main contractor was on vacation so I was crazy busy all week.  Had a few 12 and 13 hours days.  Wednesday was the only day I had time to breath at all.  Looks like I may have set a new record, at least since coming back from the recession of 08/09...

I have managed to maintain my workout schedule for the most part.  Although I did not work out yesterday. It was a cross train day and I did so much loading and unloading at work I will allow it to qualify as a bona- fide workout!  I will resume my regular 2 sets this morning and tomorrow with Monday as a cross train day.

I am down to 161 even as of yesterday.  I'm not sure how much more weight I will lose but I could drop another 5 or 10 lbs if things continue to go as they have been lately.  Since I stopped eating bread and fast food I am taking my lunch on the road with me and the bananas, apples, oranges and breakfast bars just don't give me enough calories to make up for what I lose in a day even if I eat a good meal when I get home.

I may need to start forcing myself to drink and additional protein shake before bed if I continue to drop weight like this.  Of course with the fall coming on I will not lose as much weight as the heat will finally be gone.

I have dabbled in the health and fitness business with my short stint with Visalus.  Although I decided to get out of the MLM business, I like the protein shakes they sell, in fact I still use them.  However it leads me to a question that I'm sure every sales person in the health and fitness business has asked themselves.  How do you motivate overweight people to lose weight.  I know how not to.  I learned pretty quickly that you cannot even give products away to  the people who need it the most.  They will find an excuse to not use it.  You certainly can't go up to people and tell them they are too fat and need to use your product or service so how do you convince those who need it the most to take advantage of your products or expertise in the fitness business?  I am convinced that it has to me a more subtle approach.  Perhaps some marketers have done focus groups to learn the secret but I am still try to solve this puzzle.

By the way, I posted an article on my FB page by a Dr. Scott Suanders about Obeseity and weight lose.  This is one item out of a list of ten.

 8. Myth, fasting is bad for you.

The single healthiest thing people can do, especially if they are overweight, is fasting. Multiple studies on every species of animals, including worms, spiders, yeast, cats, rats and monkeys, have shown a longer and healthier life in those who fast. Monkeys who fast every other day live longer, healthier lives than their counterparts who are fed daily. There is no nutrient, food, pill or juice that can boast the invigorating power of fasting.
For weight loss, the benefits are tremendous. The weight comes off — about a pound per day — the hunger and cravings disappear, the stomach shrinks, the digestive system is more effective and the weight doesn’t come back easily. Fasting is the “reset button” for your metabolism.
One man in Scotland who weighed more than 470 pounds went to his doctor and said he wanted to weigh 180 pounds. The doctor said, “Quit eating,” so the man did. He started drinking only water and taking a vitamin and electrolyte (salt, potassium, minerals) pill. After a year and 18 days without food, he weighed 180 pounds. He began eating sensibly, and nine years later he still weighed 180 pounds.
You can start with just one day of drinking only water. Sometimes it takes as long as a week to begin your fat-burning metabolism. Be careful of hypoglycemia, or low sugar. You may want to have some carrots handy in case you get headaches, weakness or cold sweats. There are many good books on fasting. I would recommend getting information if you don’t have any experience with this most healthy dietary change.

 Here's the link:

Dr. Scott Saunders: 10 Myths That Obese People Believe

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