Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Begin, again...

Started the workout again today after taking a day off.  I had to blast out this morning to do an early job so had no time for a proper workout.  I just completed my 2 sets a few minutes ago, it's now 6:20 PM.  Had a manageable day at work so had enough energy left to push through this routine.

Looking forward to mixing it up a bit this month with the workouts.  Plan to get my health rider out and dust it off for the cross training days.  Want to fix my flat on the bike too and work a ride in early some mornings.

My diet is still under control, most days I am well under my calorie requirements.  I'm forcing myself to eat sometimes to try and get close to what I should have.  Looks like I will be kicking up the eggs, tuna, sardines and salmon this month to get the protein and calcium I need.

I ordered a 6 month supply of Bee Caps this past week, should (bee) here any day now!  :)

I have placed an order for the required DVD's and other gear to get started on my 2nd dan training in Combat Hapkido.  Will meet with Sensei Flagg on the first Saturday in Sept. and make arrangements to have my partner in crime come over to the dojo here at the house twice a month to train.  I also will be teaching a self defense class at Church this month and again in October.

Well, got to run and get ready for choir practice!  Singing is one of my passions along with martial arts and fitness!  Got to keep the vocal chords in shape too!



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