Friday, August 08, 2014

The Longest Day!

Finally made it home about 7 PM.  Had a 12 hour day today.  Traffic was a bear!  I'm glad this one is over.

Get to relax for a few hours then off to Southern Pines in the morning for another ICHF Seminar with Grand Master John Pelligrini!

This will be my fourth Seminar in five years if I remember correctly.  I missed one year due to the death of my sweet sister Cindy.  Every time I hear "Dust in the Wind" I think of her.

 I had a tremendous workout at Aikido last night.  We went through the entire Dai San, Uke and Tori, including all the weapons.  It was good to get back into it again.  This was the set required to get my BB in Aikido.  It is something I will always remember! I did some freestyle with Noah afterwards and it wore me out!  I really need to step up my cardio.

In regards to the morning workout I am going to see how many days I can do it before I miss a day.  So far so good for 13 days!  I have some very BIG plans in mind for this workout if things go well.  I have decided to up my challenge from a 30 day challenge to a one year challenge.  Yes, you heard that right, one YEAR!  Of course the challenge is to myself.  I want to see what level of fitness I can reach.  I see fitness levels like this:

Level 1 = Inactive, hardly no workout if any, no self control over diet or exercise, usually obese.

Level 2 = Some physical activity, walking or doing some very light workout, attempting to diet.

Level 3 = Works out fairly regularly, diets and tries to eat healthy, moderate fitness level.

Level 4 = Works out regularly, eats right, is in very good physical condition.

Level 5 = Extremely fit!  Could be on a professional level like marathon runner, MMA fighter, Triathlete!

I currently see myself as a strong level 3 and I want to kick it up to a level 4!  So one year, dedicated to getting into optimum shape should get me there.  

Wish me Luck!



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