Sunday, August 10, 2014

ICHF Seminar Southern Pines 2014

Another one in the books for the crew at Flagg's Personal Defense Club.  As usual we had a blast, it was good to see Steve, Mona and the kids and of course it's always fun to hang with GMP!  He was in rare form yesterday as funny as I have ever seen him!  Master Gridley was there too teaching us the finer points of pressure points and how it adds to the already effective CH techniques we all have learned from GMP.

I don't have long to complete this blog, I am about to leave for Church in a few minutes but let me say what a pleasure it is to have such a strong group of good christian men to practice with and to attend these events with.  A brotherhood of regular guys who just love martial arts and enjoy each others company.

Jeff Handy and I were able to receive our Black Belt certificates from the Grand Master.  What a treat that was!

In closing let me say I was able to complete both sets of my workout this morning, including the new addition of mountain climbers. It was tough and I did NOT want to do it being a bit sore and tired from the Seminar but I soldiered on.  No Pain No Gain!

PS ~ Thanks to Master Dorton for putting on this event, I only wish I could have hung around last night and today.  Maybe next year!



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