Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Day!

Life is a gift, each day a new beginning.  That's what I like about life is, each day is a new start.  If we had a bad day we can start fresh the next day.  Go out and watch the sunrise, it will inspire you to begin anew!

27 days and counting up to 30!  My original goal was to make this new work out routine a 30 day challenge to get me prepared for a martial arts seminar and a 35th High School Reunion.  Once I reached my goal of 165 lbs well before my challenge was up I had an Epiphany!  Why not turn this challenge into a 1 year fitness quest?  So, I did.

I hope you will follow me on this journey into the unknown.  I have never taken on a challenge quite this demanding.  Sure I have achieved great things in the martial arts world I live in but this is new.  To get into the kind of condition that only top athletes ever achieve is my ultimate goal. At the age I am it will be even tougher!  Where I go from there, who knows.  I have dreams of pursuing a third black belt so perhaps this will lead me to a new dojo.  I have Judo in my long sights...



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