Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Information Overload?

When it comes to the Internet there is SO MUCH information to glean from you often wonder what's good info and what's not?  The same when it comes to fitness, diet and health in general!  So many people and so many opinions.  Is wheat bad for you?  Is gluten killing us all!  Should we eat eggs, meat and fish or be vegetarians?

I suppose you will have to read, learn and then decide for yourself what is right for you.  Here's my take on it.  Let your body do the talking.  I learned a few years ago that if I stopped eating bread and fast food I could drop 10 lbs in 30 days.  PLUS, I felt much better in the process.  The bread it seems makes me bloated and makes me feel bad with less energy.  I have now learned to stay away from bread for the most part about 90% of the time.  I still partake once in a while but not to extremes.  Just a bite or two and I'm done.

Same thing with heavy deserts and ice cream.  Yes, I LOVE cheese cake, ice cream, pie, cookies, you name it but I know it's too much, so I stay away most of the time.  Again, never say never and indulge or reward yourself for good behavior from time to time but don't over do it!

Sodas?  NO WAY!  I stay away from them 99% of the time but if I go to the movies I will order a small coke and a small pop corn just because I like to treat myself once in a while.  I don't go to the movies much anymore but sometimes if I go say twice in a month, I will skip the treat.

How can I do it?  How can I exert so much self control and show so much will power?  It's a simple formula and you too can follow it.  It all starts by winning very small battles.  For example:

Let's say you normally start your day off with coffee and a donut. (I did this a while back)  It's a routine and you are a creature of habit but you know you need to eat a bit healthier so you have decided to stop eating the donuts.  BUT YOU CAN'T!  So buy some breakfast bars and substitute the donut one morning and you broken the habit!  Then since you are not hooked on the breakfast bars you will easily walk away from them and substitute it with a banana or a peach.  Something healthy!  BINGO!  You have won a small battle, now see how many days in a row you can go eating that healthy snack..

UPDATE!  Day 24, did both sets again, added some extra calf raises, up to 40 now.  Did 35 push ups and an extra 50 jumping jacks too!  The body is already starting to transform, it is amazing what 3 weeks have done!  Only 51 weeks left!

OH, and I found a couple of cool sites you might like.  Here are the links:





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