Saturday, August 23, 2014

I love Saturday's!

Happy Saturday!

Even though I am working today I usually have time to relax a bit and not rush through my workout on Saturday..  During the week it seems I am always in a hurry!

Just completed day 28 of the new workout and am about to enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day.  I have been using honey in my coffee for over twenty years.  I read a study yesterday that says using honey on a regular basis can slow down the aging process in our cells!  Looks like I have a head start on living a long healthy life.  :)

I also read this morning that Arnold Swharzenneger works out twice a day.  Cardio in the morning and weights in the evening.  Now that he's making movies again he has to be in better shape.  He's a good 10 years older than I am so I think my 20 minute workout each morning is not too much for a 53 year old. I also read that a NEW Conan movie is forthcoming!  I am ready for that!

Let me take a moment to thank GOD for all his many blessings.  My amazing wife and son, my loving family, mother and sister.  My life long friends, John, Ray, Mike, Doug, Randy, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, (I know allot of Jeff's) and some of my more recent friends, Tony, Maryann, Yuka, Noah, April and my entire extended martial arts family both in Aikido and the ICHF.  Also, I want to mention how blessed I am to be a part of the "Morning Song" team at Sharon Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, where we sing each Sunday morning at 8:30.  (Come join us)!  My Church family is very important to me, all of them!  So many I can't mention them all here.  

It's great to be alive and have this gift we call life!



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