Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mustangs and Crunches?

A quick note about the workout routine then on to some other things.

I timed the second set this morning it takes about 7 mins if you work straight through.  So, with a one or two minute break in between if you want it, you can do this whole thing in 15 mins or so.  Also, I added an extra man maker to make it 6 reps and I changed the crunches a bit.  I started doing 40 of the reach for you heel, on each side, alternating back and forth, then finished with 20 normal, so that's 60 crunches, then on to the 25 each oblique crunches, etc..

Now, moving right along, if you visit the blog every so often you might notice I have been playing around with the design.  That will continue for a while..

Last night I went to the monthly meeting of the Carolina Regional Mustang Club  click on that for a link to the website.  It was a very interesting night.  I will finish up with a few pics of the cars I saw.  Here's a little about our quest speaker.

The speaker was really good, his name was Jim Pinkston.  Some background on Jim.

Jim retired from Ford after 35 years in Sales Operations and went back to work for them for 12 more years as a consultant. Jim finished high school in Charlotte and graduated from the Citadel in Charleston. He interviewed with Ford before he finished college and landed a job with them in Charlotte in 1955. The history of Ford is a personal passion of his and he has developed seminars (with PowerPoint presentations): “Ford Racing, the Early Years”, “Ford Aviation”, “Ford Military”, and the “Secret Life of Henry Ford.” He has been a member of the Hornets Nest Region, AACA for over 20 years including 12 years on their Board and 3 years as President of the Region.

There are some really nice cars there.  You can see my Blue Pony on the end in the first pic right beside a burgundy colored car that looked almost the same.  I think it was a 2013 or 14.  There is a real nice 66 there in the second pic.  It's the black one right in front.  These cars were something else!



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