Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Day 10 - Still Pushing!

Praise God!

 I have stayed injury free for 10 days straight doing this work out.  I have added to it and increased some of the reps as well.  The past two mornings I added in 5 reps of man makers at the end of the routine then finished with the plank as usual.

Two Sets

50 Jumping Jacks
25 Squats
30 Calf Raises
50 Crunches
25 Oblique Crunches
30 Push Ups
5 Man Makers (10 lb Dumbbells)
30-60 Seconds of the Plank

I can really tell the difference in the way I feel the past week.  I weighed in a 165.8 last night.  Let's see where I will be by Saturday.

Come on an join me, this is a blast!!!!

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