Monday, August 04, 2014

Musings about motivation

What motivates you?

I find that I need to have an event or something specific to focus on to get motivated.  Right now I have a 35th High School Reunion to go to in two weekends and a Hapkido Seminar to attend next Saturday.  These two events are my key motivation factors behind my current workout and diet.  I have a broader goal but my focus is on these two events.

Last year I had a vacation in Hawaii that motivated me to lose some weight and I did lose some but not as much as I had intended.  A couple of years ago I got on the Visalus kick and lost over 35 lbs.  I had many motivations at the time, one was money.  I was selling the product and wanted to be a good example of what the product could do.  I also had a black belt test in Aikido to pass and wanted to be lean for that.

So, my point is that for me I need a specific event or events to focus on to lose weight and get in better shape.  Perhaps you too can find an event to shoot for.  What's coming up in your life that you want to lose weight for?  A vacation, reunion, are you dating again?  That's a BIG motivator!

Think about it and while you are here check out this    insane ab workout!!!

The guys name is Frank Medrano, I just ran across one of his fitness videos the other day and have began watching some of them to see what I can add into my own workout...

You will be amazed at what this guy can do, check out some of his other youtube stuff...

“You can always die. It's living that takes real courage."

 Himura Kenshin” 

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