Sunday, August 03, 2014

Day 8 still going strong!

I suppose the title of the blog today gets the gist of it.

 Eight days in a row with the new routine and holding pretty steady with the diet, eating very healthy for the most part.  Had a salad for dinner or with dinner, four days in a row now.  I like to go by Harris Teeter and grab a salad it fast, fresh and Janet and I can both make a meal of of one big one!

Here's to another week of making it through this routine.  I've decided to keep it at two sets for now.  I am contemplating added one new exercise to the mix.  My friend John Sutton who I trained with for a while last year, taught me a workout called the "Man Maker".

 You take a couple of dumb bells, (No Not US), whatever weight you feel comfortable with.  Ten or Twenty pounds will do in my case. Here's a link to a video showing you how to do these.  When we did them it was without the individual arm pull ups, just the push up, then go up and press, then back down to do it again.  I guess John was taking it easy on me since I'm an old man!  (wink)

Man Maker Video

Anyway, this will really round out the routine.  If I can add 5 of these at the end of each routine it will make a grand way to finish.  I will eventually try and work it up to 10.

Wish me luck!  I'm gonna need it!

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