Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 22, Time to rest, (a little)

Well I made it!  The goal was to lose about 10 lbs, 165 was the target, I weighed in a 162.6 Saturday morning.  I completed my 21st day of the new workout routine Saturday morning, two full sets of the modified routine with many more reps and exercises than when I began it three weeks earlier.


Fast forward to Sunday morning, I slept in a bit and did not have time to do the full routine before early Church.  I came up with a very quick routine of two sets as follows:

25 jumping jacks (stretch)
15 Squats
20 push ups
25 crunches
20 calve raises

It took less than five minutes to complete and I was off for the morning with at least a little work out to get my day started.  Yes, I hated missing the full routine but hey, I had earned some rest and yet I wanted to at least attempt to get some kind of a work out in.

I think it's important to keep that mentality going, to not allow yourself to get used to not doing anything at all and keep the string of daily work outs in tact!

Took a break from the strict diet this weekend too but will be back on starting tomorrow morning.



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