Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bad Day..

We all have bad days from time to time.

 I had a rough one today, things did not go smoothly at work.  I had to stop on the way home, get a cup of coffee and walk around a while just to let off some steam but I made it home unscathed and I am OK.

Some folks had a much worse day than I.

People with cancer or other life threatening conditions.  Folks with other serious issues.  Like the family of Robin Williams.  What a shame, he left this world in such a way. I have had suicides in my family, it hurts when a loved one does that.  It is a shame he or anyone in that kind of pain can't reach out and find help.  RIP Robin, we will all miss your smile and the laughter you brought to our lives.

I will move on.  I completed the 17th day of my new work out today.  I am shooting for 30 days straight then I will modify the schedule.  As of now I'm thinking two days on and a day of cross training, then one day a week off to rest and rebuild.  Would love to know what you personal trainers have to say.  Is a 20 minute moderate to hard workout each morning OK?  Is it too much?  I think not at this point but I'm no expert. I plan to interview a few of personal trainers over the next year as I take this fitness journey.  I will get lots of information to share with those who want to learn how to train properly.

In regards to my diet here's what I had, this is just to document a typical days intake.

7:00 glass of water, 2 bee caps
9:00 Coffee and a breakfast bar
11:00 large banana. bottle of water
1:00 fresh orange, very juicy! (I call it a ball of flavored water)
2:00 small lettuce wrap sandwich w/ kettle chips, water
6:00 coffee
7:00 Protein shake with 1 banana, frozen strawberries, fresh blue berries, 2 spoons yogurt, almond milk
7:30 small salad, water

No beer today even though I needed one!  :)



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