Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 19, getting easier...

Good Morning!

It's Wednesday about 6:15 AM.  I've been up since 4:30, Babydog woke me up and I knew I would not be able to go back to sleep.  We are taking her in this morning for a consult with the oncologist.  They tell us she has leukemia, not sure which kind but we are going to find out what our options are today.  God Bless her little soul, we want to keep her around as long as we can without her suffering so we are looking at all options.

Moving right along, I made my first video this morning of the start of this fitness quest.  Yes, it was rough but I want to have some video and pictures of the transformation that is likely to take place.  I envision my body making some radical changes as I continue to work out and stick to my current diet.

Here's what I am shooting for:

Yesterday I had the following:

7:00 AM  Water & Bee Caps
9:00 AM Coffee and  Breakfast Bar
11:30 banana & water
1:30  Protein Shake with banana, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, almond milk and Vi-Shake mix.
5:00  Lettuce Wrap sandwhiches with turkey, tomato, mayo, small piece of cheese, 1 beer
6:30 cup of coffee
9:00 PM can of sardines & a few crackers, water

Today I will have about the same.  Will not have a BIG meal again until Saturday night when I eat from the buffet at the reunion.

Got to go do my second set.  BRB.

Whew!  Ok, day 19 in the books.  I feel like I could do three sets now if I took a few minutes break between sets but I'm not going to push it too hard.  I have a year to get this done and I want to play it safe.

I am adding a few extra reps here and there continuously.  Up to 35 calf raises and 7 man makers.  I hope to meet with my former personal trainer next week sometime to get his take on this routine.  I also want to run it by my chiropractor next time I see her and get her thoughts.  She is very fit and does allot of yoga so I value her opinion.

Once again, this is my personal quest but you guys are welcome to jump in with me for 30 days or a few weeks or more.  Whatever suits you.

I'll end this blog with a question and a link to some answers.  You tell me what you think...

Do you think 20 minutes/day workout is enough to stay fit and healty?



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