Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 6 still going strong!

It's Thursday about 7:22 AM, just finished my 2 sets.

 I've added a few reps here and there, I'm up to 30 push ups and 30 calf raises.  Also added in 60 seconds of planking after each set.  I'm feeling really good about this routine.  I've been working out since I was a teenager and always trying to come up with different routines to fit my schedule and my fitness level.  Since I started getting serious about martial arts my dedication to fitness has gotten more serious.  My diet is also a focus most of the time.  I try and stick to it but we all know there are those days when you have to eat some Pizza or a nice juicy cheeseburger with bacon!

If you are just tuning in and have not seen the full routine here's the link to it..

Yet this week I have done very well.  I fully intend to start with three sets on Saturday and see how that goes for a week before I move on to four sets.  I always try and challenge myself to go beyond what I think I am capable of in exercise and in other aspects of life.

 Never Give up!!!

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures today.  No explanation needed...




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